Allan Clelland Goddard Moving to Sunshine State!

Allan has hit the ground running & released 2 new videos to YouTube in quick succession, ‘Viva La Vida’ and ‘Wav’in Flag’.

allan 2110It has been some time since we have written about Allan but I’m happy to report that all is well in Trinidad Tobago. While he has had no major singing competitions or performance events lately, this has not hampered his creative juices from flowing.  Allan is not only extremely talented and gifted with a beautiful singing voice, but he is also a very bright student. These past few months, Allan has been concentrating mostly on his schoolwork as he was placed in an accelerated class at school and had to complete 2 academic years in one. WOW!

If this is not amazing or challenging enough, he has been preparing for one of the most exciting moves of his lifetime. Next month Allan embarks on a new path in his life as he leaves Trinidad with his family to reside in their new home in Florida. While he has expressed sadness about leaving all his friends in Trinidad, he is extremely excited to start a new chapter in his life in America. He hopes the future holds good things for him and that he will be able to expand his singing and acting horizon.

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Allan Clelland-Goddard “No Matter What”

Allan Clelland-Goddard, while a little on the shy side in person, is an outstanding performer that draws you in like he had been doing this for years!

allan ferrari

No matter what comes or goes Allan Clelland Goddard is here to stay!  Allan has been more than impressive lately with each video that he releases!  Since knowing Allan and writing about him here, I have observed a remarkable growth not only in his vocals but in his camera/stage presence.  Allan, while a little on the shy side in person, is an outstanding performer that draws you in like he had been doing this for a decade!

Allan has been dedicating most of his time to his schoolwork since the Carnival season ended in Trinidad. He was very involved with Carnival and competed in several competitions and made many guest appearances. He was also included in the prestigious “Kings go Forth’ concert which is held 2 weeks after Carnival and showcases the winners of all the big calypso competitions. Following that, Allan entered the ‘29thBiennial Music Festival 2010’ which as its name suggests, is held every 2 years and is hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Music Association. Allan came out victorious in his class: Boys 11-12 Solo and received much praise from adjudicator Dr. Paul Johnson – the director of The School of Music at Wichita State University in the US. allan ferrari 1

Allan spent his Easter vacation (spring break) in Orlando with his family. He visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios and had a thoroughly enjoyable time, but the highlight of his vacation was visiting a Ferrari dealership and being allowed to touch, take pictures with and even sit in his dream car (what 12 year old boy does not dream of one day owning an expensive sports car?)

Last Thursday Allan accepted an invitation to make a guest appearance to sing his song, ‘Pan in Meh DNA’ at a primary (elementary) schools steelpan competition. The children & teachers alike were enthralled to see and hear Allan and really enjoyed his performance.

Deborah, Allan’s Mom explained;

.”Allan’s latest YouTube video has been in the pipeline for some months now but had to take a back seat to accommodate his calypso, vacation etc.  This new video is the culmination of a lot of hard work by the very talented Chris Nelson (christoff555) who worked tirelessly both on the audio track and then the video mixing and editing this masterpiece…..Thanks Chris!”


They are hoping that the next video will be out in the not too distant future, and while they would not say what it’s going to be, it’s bound to be very special and I’m sure we will all enjoy it!