Dalton Cyr To Release debut CD, “I’ll Be There” And Tour With the Country Pop Rock Tour

Dalton Cry with his guitar

“Great presence…Definitely a star.-”Joe Vittetoe, Producer/Songwriter Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez
rehearsal studio garage
Dalton rehearsing in garage/studio

 It’s a great day here on Rivenmaster’s Place because we have been given the distinguished honor of featuring one of America’s fasting climbing stars, Dalton Cyr on his twelfth birthday today!


Dalton Cyr has been cyriously busy since we originally featured him eight months ago.

He signed a management agreement with Disney Channel Executive Director Irene Dreayer and DW Management in December 2011.  Dalton has released several new videos of original music, made a trip to L.A., released an EP, wrote and recorded an LP album, and now he’s set to release his new album and go on tour.

His original song “Whisper” along with a touching video showing soldiers reuniting with their children has received glowing reviews. It’s been labeled “one of the best videos of the year” by fans and “the most touching video and song I’ve heard in a long time” by music reviewer, Jennifer Stoker.

Dalton Cyr sitting
Dalton Cyr with Guitar

During his trip to L.A., Cyr spent time training with vocal coach Steven Memel, who works with many celebrity clients such as Adam Levine and Jesse McCartney. He also met and worked with dancer and choreographer Anthony “Kanec” Carr who has toured with multi-platinum selling recording artists Missy Elliott and Justin Bieber, among others. And he met with casting directors at Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures.

Shortly after returning from L.A., he released another music video for his song “Always” and released a self-titled EP. So far the three songs he’s released on the UK’s 1Radio New Music Chart have all debuted at the #1 spot and have remained in the top of the chart for their entire run. (1Radio allows new music to stay on the chart for seven weeks and then removes songs, if they are still on the charts to make room for new songs.)

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Tony Mateo Outstanding Performer Vocalist / Actor

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Tony Mateo

Tony Mateo was born in San Fernando (Cádiz), an Andalusian city located in the southwest corner of Spain. His grandpa has been active as tenor soloist with a choir for over 50 years while his mother sings Boleros and Spanish music. Tony showed a keen interest for singing and performing from an early age. It all started when he was six years old. Tony watched the reality show “Operación Triunfo”, the Spanish version of American Idol. Every time David Bustamante, one of the contestants, went on stage, Tony would tell his mother that he would like to be like David one day.  Soon after, his mother began to coach him, correcting his singing technique and presenting him with music that matched his vocal range. He and his younger brother Abraham (who was featured here only a few weeks ago) frequently sang at home as though they were in a competition and their parents played the jury.


Tony made his first public performance in 2005, when he was eleven. He entered the  “Veo Veo” talent competition, which is a contest for young talent in song and dance, organized by the Teresa Rabal Foundation. It was that performance that encouraged and motivated him to become a singer. In an interview with Tony, he tells us how he experienced that day:

 “It was all too much for me because I’d never been on stage nor on television before, but I lived and enjoyed it so intensively and it made me realize what I wanted for my life: music”.

Tony participated for five consecutive years in the “Veo Veo” talent contest and was chosen four times for the regional final. Taking part at the  “Veo Veo” competition was an experience that changed his life. He recalled;

“that competition gave me so many emotions and dreams, it was my beginning in music, where everything started for me, and what inspired and motivated me to become a singer”.


Tony Mateo vid1

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