Brendan Guy Canadian Teen Pop Artist On The Rise!

Brendan Guy
Brendan Guy

“Music has such an amazing ability to heal and bring people together.  I want to be a part of that always.”                                                                                                                                                                               Brendan Guy

Brendan Guy 1 Brendan Guy is not your typical 15 year old teenage boy.  While most teenage boys are out hanging with friends, chasing girls or playing video games, Brendan is writing, recording, singing and performing music.  And that’s the way he wants to keep it.

Brendan is a budding Pop-Star from Leduc, Alberta, Canada.  He has been singing and performing since his mom can remember. 

“I always said, if this kid isn’t performing on a stage somewhere someday, we did something wrong,” says his mom Cindy. 

Since the age of five, when he received his first Karaoke machine for Christmas, Brendan has been entertaining family and friends.  The coffee table became his stage as he would belt out “Let the Rain Fall Down”, a line in the the lyrics from  Hilary Duff’s song “Come Clean”.  In fact he sang it so much he wore out the cassette tape!

Seeing his potential, passion and natural ability to entertain, Cindy agreed to put him into classical voice lessons at the age of 7.  Brendan progressed rapidly and was soon competing in provincial competitions.  He soon became bored with the Classical Genre because he wanted to be a Pop Star!

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