Connor Blackley “You don’t wanna miss a thing!”

Connor Blackley from Florida is the new young Country Singer to keep your eyes and ears pealed for! His outstanding award winning performances more than prove his ability to shine as America’s youngest new star!

Connor Blackley performing at a local Taste of the Island Festival.

Conner Blackley was first introduced here at Rivenmaster’s Place on January 13, 2010.
Since that time Connor has only continued to improve and his voice has become even richer while still maintaining a fantastic upper register which literally can
Fly Me To The Moon !

The school year has been a busy time for Connor, but he is busting out his summer wings getting ready to fly into performances and competitions which begin as early as this weekend  at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival’s “Generation Next Youth Jazz Competition”.
The competition is for singers and musicians (ages 7 to 21). Last year Connor was the 2nd youngest in the competition and came in 3rd place (he was the highest placing vocalist). Connor is hoping to snag 1st place year and use the $1000 prize towards guitar lessons.

Connor has many opportunities to show is wonderful singing abilities around sunny Florida and is often asked to sing for sport events. In this picture Connor is singing the National Anthem for the Jacksonville Suns at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville. In addition to this performance, Connor will also be singing the National Anthem for 2 of USSSA Pride’s (Professional Fast pitch Softball team) games in Orlando, the first one being on June 5th and the second in July. Connor does our Country proud for each and every performance!
This is one young man who lives life to the fullest and enjoys every moment he has to make others happy as he sings.



Listen to another new recording by Connor, a Tim McGraw song; Live Like you were dying” “Live like you were dying”

Recently I asked Connor a few questions for which he gave me the following answers.

Rivenmaster: What is your greatest ambition right now?
Connor: To become a professional singer!
Rivenmaster: Who would you like to sing with if you could sing with anybody?
Connor: That’s a hard question….Brad Paisley. Jon Bon Jovi.
Rivenmaster: What is your most memorable experience so far in your career as a singer?
Connor: Working with Cirque du Soleil in Vegas on the Viva Elvis show.
Rivenmaster: What person in your life is the most inspirational to you?
Connor: My Mom!
Rivenmaster: Who is your Hero?
Connor: I have lots of hero’s: my parents, teachers….but I have to include our military fighting overseas.
Rivenmaster: Do you consider Country Music your favorite choice in music? What other genres do you enjoy if any?
Connor: I really enjoy Country but I love all kinds of music: Jazz, Rock, Oldies, and Christian….all of it.
Rivenmaster: If you could meet any recording artist who would you like to meet?
Connor: There are so many I’d like to meet! Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Usher, Michael Buble.
Rivenmaster: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Connor: Hopefully I will have my own songs playing on the radio and be on tour.

Connor Blackley Jazz Fest 2009

Connor’ school (Lavilla School of the Arts) recently held their end of the year banquet and awards dinner and Connor received 2 medals: one for receiving Superior on his Italian Art song at Solofest in March, and the other for his chorus receiving Superior at the MPA’s earlier in the year.

What else can I add about Connor other than to say that this is one young man who I will have my eye on for several years to come and “I Don’t wanna miss a thing” that this boy records because I for one just can’t get enough!

Dylan Cragle “Washington Wonder”

I don’t remember theDylan Cragle 2010 first time I heard Thirteen Year Old Dylan Cragle sing, but I know it stopped me dead in my tracks. His performance really captivated me as I watched this young inherent talent more than demonstrate his ability to deliver a song. It was then that I realized, Dylan was going to be a powerful force in the near future!  Dylan was born on May 4, 1996 in Washington State, USA. His Mother Lynn told me “Dylan immediately started using his voice an d hasn’t stopped since.” Dylan has always been a very social person. When people meet Dylan they often remark on how articulate, well mannered, charming and funny he is. Some have described him as having personality plus.

Dylan on fence

As a small child Dylan was always dressing in costumes, acting out stories and putting on shows f or his family. When he was 3 years old he told his mother “I’m going to be a star (on stage, not television).”  Dylan began taking Dance lessons for the next 4 years and really enjoyed the Jazz and Hip Hop classes. He was a natural and excelled, receiving a Scholarship from the school. At the end of his 4th year of dance class he decided that the costumes had become a little too much for him and dropped out. Dylan then told his parents that he thought he could sing, so for his 10th birthday he was surprised to receive an interview with a vocal coach. It was then his parents turn to be surprised, when the vocal coach said “He has a re ally good voice, he can sing.” This was the start of Dylan’s passion.

Dylan’s greatest love now is to sing and be on stage. The first time he came off a stage his mother recalled him stating: “That Felt So Good”

Dylan gets very excited when he performs, he loves to make people smile and laugh. He has been performing at schools, street fairs, state fair, farmers markets, and shopping malls.
In addition to his great singing voice, Dylan just completed his first single entitled “He Taught Me” and is currently working on writing more original songs, and composing music with his producer.


Dylan is also interested in acting, and would love to perform in a Broadway play. His favorite musical is Wicked, he collects anything that has to do with that Musical.

He greatly admires Kristen Chenowith, Pink, LeAnn Rimes, Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. Dylan was privileged to have the opportunity to meet Carrie Underwood at the Washington State Fair.
On a personal note, Dylan is an A, B student and is involved with many after school clubs such as; drama, art and yoga club. When He is not singing Dylan loves training and playing with his German shepherd dog. He also enjoys swimming, playing soccer with his dog and Dad, biking and riding dirt bikes. Dylan dreams of becoming a professional recording artist, and traveling around the world.
To learn more about Dylan, you can either visit his You-Tube or MySpace Sites.
Dylan’s songs will soon be featured on Radio as well, and of course you will want to check back here for updates on Dylan’s latest new original releases!
Listen to Dylan Sing his interpretation of “Going Home” a song originally written by:  David Fosters Daughter Amy Foster and Michael Buble. Amy won a BMI award for the song on November 22nd, 2008.
[ti_audio media=”145″]
To close this article I must offer one more song by Dylan which has a fantastic arrangement and of course one of my favorite genres “Country”  Listen to Dylan sing “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.

[ti_audio media=”146″]

Keep up the great work Dylan our eyes and ears are going to be tuned in for more of your wonderful works!