Singing Sam Santiago Sensational Seven Year Old!

Sam Santiago is not only unbelievably talented but has one of the most amazing vocal abilities that I have ever seen in a 7 year old boy!

Sam Santiago

Only a few days ago while visiting Facebook, I took notice of a post by Sam Verlinden of a young man that immediately captured my attention.

He is, seven year old Sam Santiago.  What really charmed me was his vocal quality along with his charismatic personality which really shined through while singing his song.  It took me only moments to publish his video to the video of the day list and contact his parents for an article.  I am delighted to introduce to you this young performer, who is not only well ahead of the game with his vocal talent but already a star performer who is becoming more and more in demand in both California and the Philippines.

Sam started singing when he was about four years old. His family moved to Corona from Mission Viejo when he first began to show an interest in music. Stuck in traffic with not much to entertain him but Mom, his brother, and the radio, led Sam to find his singing talent. Kelly Clarkson and her hit singles “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “Because of You” were his favorite songs. As he continued in his new found talent, Sam realized that Kelly was truly his idol at that time.

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Thomas Hans’ captures trophy and releases new video!

Thomas Award
Thomas Hans’ has been really busy the past few months with school, in fact he has been unable to do little else but school work and activities surrounding that.  However, he has had time to squeeze in a few singing engagements and compete in one contest for which he brought home the winning trophy!

Thomas remains one of the best young singers in Germany and has proven himself to have charisma beyond compare both in person and when entertaining.  He has maintained most of his upper register and has really challenged himself with some rather difficult songs as of late.

While his recent video has been a long awaited one from his fans, he has been busy in the recording studio and produced several new mixes which are being played often on Listen to Thomas sing his version of Nirvana’s “The Man who sold the world”

Today’s post also includes his version of “Ein bißchen Frieden” or “A Little Peace” in English. This song was written by prolific German Eurovision writing duo Ralph Siegel (music) and Bernd Meinunger (lyrics) for the Eurovision Song Contest 1982 in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.  It was performed by 17 year old high school student Nicole, resulting in Germany’s only ever win at the Eurovision Song Contest by a record margin of sixty one points, setting a new record for the largest winning margin. Here Thomas does it more than justice with his rendition:

For his last song I offer his beautiful version of “Love Of My Life” by Queen. The last good version of this song was recorded by Declan Gelbraith but I know you will simply love Thomas singing this song:

I think you will agree with me that Thomas has a voice that captures your attention and the feeling and expression that he puts into his songs draws you in and keeps you desiring more.

Embedded below is his most recent video and I might add, the best quality video he has ever produced.  Using one of his recent backtracks he lip-syncs to the song “Wonderful Dream”.

Thomas will be around for a long time and even after his voice changes I predict that he will be producing records and be one of Germany’s most sought after recording artists.