“The Wright Kids” Rocky Mount’s Sibling Superstars!

The Wright Kids, Sage, Baruch, & Levi who performed on America’s Got Talent in 2008, have been honing their harmony skills for the past two years. During this time, Sage and Baruch won numerous awards for fiddle, mandolin and guitar playing, in addition to the three taking top honors in singing competitions. The three opened for bluegrass greats such as Rhonda Vincent, James King, The Lewis Family and The Lonesome River Band. Recently, they opened for country music legend, Lee Greenwood, and received a standing ovation from thousands of fans in the packed coliseum.

Like most of the rest of America I first discovered “The Wright Kids” while enjoying a relaxing evening watching NBC’s America’s Got Talent!   I was blown away at their first performance and could not wait to see the next weeks show just knowing that they would be in the Top Ten!  I watched with excitement, as each week they performed doing better than the week before.  I became an instant fan. And while they did not win the grand prize, they captured something more important…… The heart’s of Americans everywhere…..  Well, that was two years ago and these kids continue to play and sing and impress audiences everywhere they go!

Sage is now 14, Baruch is 11 and Levi is 8 years old.  The three have been performing as a trio for almost 4 years.  The three took their first shot at being a trio when they entered a youth band competition at the Galax Fiddler’s Convention in 2006.  Levi sang lead and Sage and Baruch sang harmony while playing guitar and fiddle.  The three performed You Are My Sunshine and took 1st place at the world’s largest and oldest fiddler’s convention.

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The Wright Kids Coming Soon!

The long awaited update and full feature article showcasing the talent of Americas youngest most talented bluegrass singing group will soon make their appearance on Rivenmaster’s Place.

The Wright Kids Portrait Banner

The Wright Kids

I‘m pleased to announce that the long awaited update and full feature article showcasing the talent of Americas youngest most talented Bluegrass singing group will soon make their appearance here on Rivenmaster’s Place. They have been very busy sprucing up their Domain Site and performing in engagements.

This sibling group consists of Sage who is now 13, Baruch who just turned 11, Levi who turns 8 next week, and the newest member of the group who we have yet to see perform, adorable 5 year old Selah.

They will be appearing next week May 7th at the Salem Civic Center in Salem, VA. They will be opening for Lee Greenwood in a Concert being held there. You can look forward to some videos from this performance with full bios of each of the kids and an update of what they have been doing since they last appeared on NBC’s America’s Got Talent on October 2nd 2008.

You won’t want to miss this very special feature that we have long announced and are very excited to bring to you! Be sure to tell your friends, spread the word.

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