Allan Clelland Goddard’s new ‘Michael Jackson Tribute Video’

Allan Clelland GoddardAllan Clelland Goddard has been very busy since his big move from Trinidad and Tobago this past July.  If you remember in my last article, I announced that Allan would be making this big move to the Sunshine State of Florida, USA.  His mother explained; “At first Allan was homesick and missing his friends in Trinidad, many of whom he had known since kindergarten, but when he started school in Florida he soon began making new friends and word quickly traveled around the school that there was a new boy with a cool accent. Allan was, and still is often stopped in the corridor and cafeteria, and asked to say a few words just so they can hear him speak!”

She went on to explain, that attending school in the US is a completely new experience for Allan. It was the first time that he had to move from room to room for his various classes. In Trinidad the teachers came to the classroom and the entire class did the same schedule. He survived though, and quickly learned the ropes making the necessary adjustments. Allan is currently enrolled in ‘all honors’ courses and doing very well. Continue reading “Allan Clelland Goddard’s new ‘Michael Jackson Tribute Video’”

Dylan Cragle’s New Song with Meaningful Message

Dylan wall

Dylan Cragle is more than just a young man with a big voice. He is a young man with a big heart! Dylan has a masterful way to write not only great pop music with moving rhythm and beat, but weaves in a meaningful message with every new release. His latest song “In This World” not only illustrates this, but once again gives you an inside look at who Dylan Cragle really is, and what he wants to convey through his music!

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Dylan is extremely compassionate about an issue that many young teens face every day at school. Bullying! This is not only wrong but has driven many teens to even take their own lives because of not wanting to face another day of this repeated torturous routine from their peers.

fugle-swing-1While swinging on his back yard swing, Dylan started thinking about a friend at school who was getting bullied on a daily basis.  He thought; “Why are some people so mean? Why do they purposely try to hurt and make fun of others?” Dylan was pondering a way that he could help her when he suddenly realized his thoughts could be turned into a song.  He ask his Mom to bring him a tablet and pencil and soon the words began to flow out of him.  In about one hours time his masterpiece was complete and while handing it to his Mom he exclaimed; “I think this is a real good one Mom.”

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