Dylan Cragle’s New Song with Meaningful Message

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Dylan Cragle is more than just a young man with a big voice. He is a young man with a big heart! Dylan has a masterful way to write not only great pop music with moving rhythm and beat, but weaves in a meaningful message with every new release. His latest song “In This World” not only illustrates this, but once again gives you an inside look at who Dylan Cragle really is, and what he wants to convey through his music!

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Dylan is extremely compassionate about an issue that many young teens face every day at school. Bullying! This is not only wrong but has driven many teens to even take their own lives because of not wanting to face another day of this repeated torturous routine from their peers.

fugle-swing-1While swinging on his back yard swing, Dylan started thinking about a friend at school who was getting bullied on a daily basis.  He thought; “Why are some people so mean? Why do they purposely try to hurt and make fun of others?” Dylan was pondering a way that he could help her when he suddenly realized his thoughts could be turned into a song.  He ask his Mom to bring him a tablet and pencil and soon the words began to flow out of him.  In about one hours time his masterpiece was complete and while handing it to his Mom he exclaimed; “I think this is a real good one Mom.”



Dylan then took his lyrics to his producer Victor Holguin. Victor said, “ok Dylan sing it”! Dylan started singing the chorus and Victor started playing the melody on the keyboard asking Dylan what kind of sound he was looking for? Before long the song came together and the result speaks for itself.


Dylan is currently working on another original written by Victor more than nineteen years ago.  A song entitled “I Can See” which was inspired on the eve of  the birth of Victor’s son and it has never been recorded until now! Dylan is very honored that he has been asked to record this touching ballad which will be recorded this coming week.  Dylan sang this song at the Meeker Days Festival just this past July but you will definitely want to hear the studio version once it has been released.


There is so much more that could be said about Dylan with regard to his talent and singing abilities. However, what makes Dylan Cragle stand tall in my eyes, is his character, compassion, humility and politeness coupled with the artistry which he has once again demonstrated to us all.  This is not just another new song with a catchy tune.  Dylan has impacted his world with a meaningful message to everyone that hears it and I can’ help but believe that it will not just change the life of a struggling friend.  It will change everyone ‘”IN THIS WORLD”!

For more about Dylan visit his YouTube Site where you will find a list of  links to all his other sites!

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  1. Hi, Mike ya I have been having problems with Disqus too.
    Thank you Mike your always so nice to me. lol What a nice comment…its nice to know you like my singing. lol

  2. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment Mr. Trillin. I read your comment the day you posted it, but had problems with Disqus. I would like to thank your friend for sharing my vids with you, how kind. I’m so glad you found my channel and enjoyed my songs. Thank you so much for the extremely kind comment, it means so much to me to hear that someone enjoyed my singing. The song He Taught Me is my favorite, because of the message. I hope that my songs will make people think and feel.
    Thank you for taking the time to watch my vids and leave your comment. Have fun!

  3. Hey Mr. J your right firefox works great lol lol and mom likes it too.
    Thank you so much for writing this, lol you always make me sound so good. Your words mean so much to me.

  4. Justice,
    Thanks so much for the comment! Dylan is truly talented beyond his years! His most unique talent is his ability to write his own songs and deliver them with the kind of sensitivity that only a true professional can. Dylan is often featured both here and at http://www.radio.theskykid.com . We are extremely proud of Dylan’s accomplishment and you can rest assured that he will continue to be supported both here and at http://theskykid.com
    Please be sure to leave your comments for Dylan on his sites as well!

  5. Dylan sings from his heart . No doubt about that…and you may catch him online during the lives of theskykid.com radio ( in the chat room ) and yeah spread the word about his talent. He truly deserves it

  6. I am incredibly impressed. Just yesterday, a friend shared the video/song from the talent contest, What Up With School and I loved it. Then I watched the rest of the videos and really liked the song about the father off to war – very touching. I saw a comment from someone else at FB that said Dylan had a youtube page so I went there and saw/listened to everything. The thing that really impresses me is his voice. It has such a unique quality to it. There is emotion in the words when he sings. Finding out that he writes some of his own songs is just amazing. Makes me wonder how come I didn’t know about Dylan before last night. This is a big talent. I hope there are people grooming him for success. Well thank you to every one involved. I will be following Dylan’s career from now on, hoping for new stuff. Thanks again!
    –Justice Trillin

  7. I couldn’t get my comment to post before but I had to come back and comment on my friend Dylan because he’s such a talented singer, as well as a great guy. The fact that he sings songs about subjects like bullying shows how much he cares about other people. I know he’ll be successful in life and have a positive effect on a lot of people whether it’s through his music or whatever else he does.

  8. Thank you for writting this, it means a lot to me. You did a great job. I leaving to go to the studio now to record I Can See. Can’t wait!
    Have a fun day!

  9. Well it looks like Disqus is working just fine now! Dylan! This is a great song which conveys a powerful message. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world and for being the super person you are! Keep it real!

  10. Disqus had some issues in the past few days related to an upgrade of their commenting system – which might be the reasons why you could not leave a comment. Ah and yaa it was a small company in the chat as I made it way too late ( which I have learned not to do in the future ). But it was a good live even if a shorter one and also the The Mystery Artist Show featuring a CD giveaway and no one but 2 Mystery Artists. So I hope you will hear it in the auto DJ in your own free time. ( : Enjoy your week !

  11. I can’t seem to get Diqus to work for me any more. I’ve been trying for days but it won’t work.
    Thank you so much for your comment. I hope that this song will make poeple think about how they treat others and what they say to others.
    Sorry I couldn’t be at skykid on Sunday, but I had a fun day. Have a good week. Lets see if this will post.
    ~Dylan Cragle

  12. I can confirm the two opening sentences you started your article with. I have the honor of knowing Dylan mainly trough your site and in the radio chat room. The fact itself that he shows up there frequently participating in the discussions and encouraging the other young talents speak for itself. My own experience with bulling in high school was related to my musical preferences at the time ( trough I may be overdid it a little drawing the logo of my favorite band everywhere I could manage). And there was this boy – only he was brave only when he had at least 4 more people with him. Thankfully my classmates and I put an end to that – even if first I had to escape from an ambush. Than I wonder if I was ever a bully myself …but I doubt ….or don`t remember. But then I did a lot of sports and being in a team really helps out. Anyway the fact is that almost everyone deals with or at least witnesses bulling in school or even later in life. Love the back vocal in the new song of Dylan ( I am not that`s exactly how they are called ). As you wrote Rod the vibe is catchy …may be the vocal could have been a bit louder . Like in I Can See I can hear the lyrics better.

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