Alan Wheeler Mexico’s Teen Heart Throb!

alanwheelerprofileA few weeks ago while sailing the ocean of talent on YouTube my search came to rest upon a young talent from Mexico that really captured my attention.  Not only did he sing in his beautiful native Spanish language, but also was featuring some amazing upbeat original pop songs sung in perfect English. I was very impressed with his ability to cross over the language barrier so effortlessly and with his crystal clear vocals which were both exciting and entertaining.

In addition to his extraordinary singing ability he also plays the guitar and demonstrates a charismatic personality.  This boy truly has the whole package to become a teen idol not just in Mexico but internationally.  With his charming looks, outgoing personality, confidant and strong ability to perform both on and off camera, makes Alan Wheeler a true talent to be reckoned with!

It is my privilege to introduce him for the very first time here at Rivenmaster’s Place and on the Radio.  His music is already being played there so if you have not heard him yet be sure you tune in there once you have finished this article.alanwheelerhoodie

Alan’s Dad shared with me that Alan has been singing since the day he was born!  He exclaimed;

“He came into the world singing and everyone commented (with his lungs he would be a great singer some day).”

Alan began attending talent academies from the age of 2, and appeared in every one of their periodic festivals.  He currently is studying at his mother’s academy in Monterrey Mexico “TV Arte”, as well as working on his singing career.

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