Sam Verlinden Showman, Singer, Sportsman!

Sam is probably one of the most well rounded teenagers that I know. He is so multi-talented that I’m not sure how everyone can keep up to all the adventures taking place in his young life!

Sam Verlinden

Sam is probably one of the most well rounded teenagers that I know.  He is so multi-talented that I’m not sure how everyone can keep up to all the adventures taking place in his young life!

When I was 12 the most I had going was school, paper-route, marching band, my citizens band radio hobby, and hanging out with the guys!  Sam on the other hand not only finds time to juggle his school work, hobbies, outdoor activities, family, and friends, but adds to this at least two big stage musical or dramatic productions, practicing with his band, busking on almost a weekly basis, singing performances, special gig fundraisers and charity events, singing with his good friend Hannah, recording studio sessions, countless yearly repeat performances and last but not least his passion for rugby!  Whew!  Now I’m tired, how about you?

Sam has an extraordinary ability to adapt to any challenge giving him like his latest role for Peter Pan where he needed to learn how to Waltz.  Now how many of you guys out there can do that?   With the Peter Pan rehearsals in full swing for next month’s production Sam is also rehearsing for yet another role at the same time.  This week marked the beginning of rehearsals for Mac-Beth and he is very excited about his small but important role.  I guess you could say this role will be the death of Sam!  LOL!

All joking aside Sam is not just one or two dimensional but you could say he is universal.  An all star in just about every way!  We know Sam will be knocking them dead on both the stage and with his singing career and I believe with all my heart that some day he will fulfill his dreams of playing rugby for a professional team.  I’m saving my money Sam; because I want to be there the day you sing your National Anthem and kick off the ball for your team.  I just hope you have the time to do all those autographs of records, pictures, rugby balls, and tee-shirts!

“Take care of not only your voice but your entire being because you will need it to accomplish the task ahead!  Your one fantastic Showman, Singer, Sportsman!”


4 thoughts on “Sam Verlinden Showman, Singer, Sportsman!”

  1. Sam! You are the reason for this blog! It's talented young men like you that bring all the rest of us so much enjoyment, and you my friend have always been a bright and shining star! I know that this song is just the beginning of something really big and you will look back on this song as the launching pad of what I have been predicting for a long time. Your going places Sam and it thrills me that I am able to come along for the ride! And oh what a ride this will continue to be! Congratulations on your most recent successes and may every dream you have come true!

  2. Thanks for your comments and your never-ending support Rod – you are awesome !

  3. Thanks for your comment Skykid! It's true we will always remember our first love! Now since being married for over 35 years it seems like an eternity ago but then like only yesterday at times! This is truly a fantastic song and I'm sure that it will be a earmark in Sam's career that he will look back on some day and rejoice over! Congratulations again Sam on a wonderful song that will mean much to everyone who hears it!

  4. I just adore the new image of Sam. And that song of his – it gets me every time I hear it. That is what every singer strives for – to capture the hearts and the mind of the listeners of his songs , to make them thing that this songs were actually written for them for something that has happened in their life. This songs gets me every time as it reminds me of Helan – the girls I was madly in love for a years ( the very first girl I felt in love with as they say I will ever remember her ) . The song of Sam makes me relive so many moments which that at the time I was able to brake the walls that were surrounding her.

    Way to go Sam !

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