Round SIX Jordan Jansen’s our Pick!

Good Monday morning everyone!

Jordan came in second at WonderWorld TV yesterday!  The good news is that he is starting with twice as many votes as his 2nd place challenger.  Outside of another shooting start appearing out of nowhere Jordan should do well.

In regards to Soundcheck, Jordan is now Platinum Status and is out in front by 200 points against his greatest rival.

But don’t take that as a reason not to keep plugging away on the number 5 voting button!

We are anxiously awaiting word from Jordan’s home team about his adventures in Japan.  His last tweet was about a week ago but offerd little news.  I’m sure he is extreemly busy and having the time of his life. We wish you safe travels Jordan!

Thanks to all of you who are following this blog! Without your support many of  the Hopes and Dreams shared here would never come true!  Have a wonderful week!