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 It’s been awhile since any film has made an impact on me like August Rush or Pay it Forward.  While “Lifted” should not be compared to these two films, it is a unique film that was both touching and aroused the same emotional feelings and response as the other two films.


Henry Matthews (Uriah Shelton) is a young, slim built, bullied boy, who is just trying to survive middle school.  He was bullied in part due to his mother, who was a recovering drug addict, and the fact that Henry was a misfit in his class among his peers.  At the same time Henry was an extremely talented boy who was not only charming and good looking but had a musical skill that stood out above the rest.  A chip off the block of his Father, played by (Dash Mihok), who portrayed a Marine reservist and struggling auto mechanic, trying to make ends meet and help his wife with her recovery efforts.

Opening Scene

This film captured my heart immediately in its opening scene.  Uriah was singing with his Father at the table in an impromptu cover of “Sunshine” which was done extremely well as an opener, showcasing not only Uriah’s beautiful unbroken voice but showing the closeness of the family unit. [ti_audio media=”1646″] This opening scene was very refreshing, unlike so many other Hollywood films that always seem to feature divorce or broken home relationships. The overall movie was well developed and ran smoothly throughout the entire length of the film. Director/Writer Lexi Alexander was not slow in developing the inter-relationships that were needed to tell the story of a Father separated by war from his family and the pursuits of the family to hold it all together in the absence of that much needed Fatherly support back at home. Lexie’s skill using closeup shots of the expression of Father and Son in those tender moments of trying to explain why dad had to leave again was skillfully demonstrated and artfully mastered. The musical score was also very pleasant and not overdone!  Using featured songs by Henry even before the contest began, laid the necessary foundation for what was yet to come. In this scene Henry had been chased into the Baptist Church by the bullies from the school and found not only a refuge in time of need but also made a friend of the Pastor who quickly turned the piano over to Henry to show his hidden talent for playing and singing.  The sound clips are from the movie with Uriah singing at the piano in the church then later with his dad in his home studio laying down some tracks.  The remix is very cool indeed with his dad filling in with some rap.

Henry at church
Henry sings at the church!


Come Inside My Heart

The Theme Song, “I Miss You” pretty much summed up the entire focus of the story as it related to Henry singing to his father who was away at war in Afghanistan.  Anyone who has had a father stationed overseas in time of war will relate to this film as it is dedicated to those families who have sacrificed so much and been given so little back for those sacrifices. Listen to this song in it’s entirety now and you will see just why I had to share this movie review on this website!

Having seen Uriah play his lead role in “Alabama Moon” as Kit opposite Jimmy Bennett was a real eye opener for me to see just how talented Uriah Shelton is as a young actor. Uriah demonstrated in “Lifted” his ability to carry the emotional scenes, crying on demand in addition to showing great joy during those uplifting scenes. I think this is what really made this film such a pleasure to watch.  I can count at least two times I wiped away a tear while watching young Uriah play so convincingly the hurts he carried inside.

Watch the Official Trailer Now!

The following two scenes show Henry (Uriah) competing in a talent contest in order to raise the needed funds to help his mom support the family in the absence of his father.  The story that is going on behind these scenes is only brought out at the end which I will not spoil in this review because I want you to witness it first hand for yourself.  However enjoy the screen captures and sound bites below!

Forever Young
Forever Young Performed by: Uriah Shelton
Knocking on Heaven's Door
Knocking on Heaven’s Door performed by: Uriah Shelton


If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I cannot recommend it strongly enough!    Every family in the world should see this film. Lifted not only tells a story of the hurt, struggle, pain, and heartache of having a loved one leave home to serve their country abroad, but also shows the power of strength and fortitude of the human spirit to carry on to not only be a survivor but a victorious one!


lifted teaser traler


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  1. I answered this question about 3 months ago so apparently it a good question.  lol 
    I think the song your asking about is called Angels on the Moon.  It was
    written by Scott Lee Jason & Clayton Stroope. It was performed by:
    Thriving Ivory Clourtesy of Wind-Up Records LLC.   
    I found the song on
    YouTube…    Hope this helps!

  2. I really want the soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!! The movie was amazing!

  3. This was one of the best movies I have seen in years.  It brings home the feelings of our Soldiers and their families. The music was touching and would make a fantastic sound trac but needs to be done with the money going to military families who have lost loved ones.  My heart goes out to our Military and their families and I will look at them and the situation in a total different way in the future.  Thanks for opening my eyes……

  4. This is an awesome movie. Uriah Shelton voice is unbelievable. This boy can act and sing  he should go real far. Dash Mihok is also great they work real well together. I am looking forward to seeing both of them in movie’s. I enjoy both very much.   

  5. i love him i cry just looking at his pics he is my screen saver on my ipod touch

  6. I just watched this wonderful film on Netflix…what a good movie! I loved the story and I loved the music!

  7. this is one of the best movies i have ever seen in my whole intire life!!!!!!

  8. The movie is one of the BEST I have EVER seen….and I want the soundtrack because the music is wonderful!!! 

  9. Thanks Jeff for taking the time to leave a comment!  This article has proven to be the most popular article I have ever written.  Truly that speaks volumes not so much about my authorship but the material I was writing about!  Uriah is a wonderful young actor and the direction of the film was truly a work of art!  I can’t wait to see what will be next for Uriah!  I am a big fan as well!  

  10. I’m very glad that I took the time to watch this movie. Wow. What a heart wrenching story. The music was great and I was completely immersed in the plot throughout the whole movie. Uriah Shelton did a fantastic job acting and singing in this movie. He made me an instant fan. I can honestly say that this is my favorite movie now and will recommend it to anyone I can. Great job by everyone involved.

  11. uriah.. i think sings good and i he has amazing voice!. and cute

  12. uriah i think he sings amazing!!!!!!!!!!! he got a good voice

  13. Aljeane,

    Currently Uriah is not being marketed as a singer although he is very good and has incredible energy!  I would imagine that this will change in the future so we can get his music from i-Tunes and other Online stores.  I did find Uriah has a MySpace Page where you can hear his “Miss You” song.

    Unfortunately his DVD songs were never made into a soundtrack.  The best I can tell you is to search the web for someone who may have them available.


  14. i love uriah shelton! but how can i get a copy of his songs?? i like his voice sooo much…he’s very cute and charming….:-)

  15. Cecilia,
    Thank you for taking time to read this article about Uriah and his movie Lifted! I really enjoyed your comment and am very happy that you are such a loyal fan to Uriah!

    He is a very charismatic personality to say the least.  I’m sure that he appreciates these wonderful accolades!

    Like you I look forward to his next movie appearance as I’m sure we will be seeing a lot from him in the future!

  16. I’m so happy that this movie touched your heart and brought you come condolence for your deep loss!  War is a tragedy wherever it goes it bring heartache and pain. My wish for the coming years would be the same as John Lennon Imagined.
                    “Imagine all the people living life in peace!”

  17. Im lcpl flores, stephen usmc this movie is very touching i lost my brother matthew ramsey in afganistan and i recommended to his wife and kids, this movie is very touching and an amazing movie for people who understand this such as me and my family. ive always wanted to make a movie like this or be apart of one. i really aprrecitate this movie. really got to my heart. 

  18. 100% agree with you and so does a host of film industry giants.  I’m sure this is just the beginning of a promising long line of huge feature films that his boy will be adding to his credits!

  19. I’m told that the term BOM is short for Bill of Materials.  Uriah definitely and definably fills the Bill … He is amazing and exceptional with both his ability in acting on stage and in film and this is not even to mention his wonderful singing talent!  I too am a fan of this little Bill Filler!

  20. I’m sorry I don’t know!  Perhaps it is a question to send the director or producer.  I do not have her direct contact but she is in the process of setting up her own domain Blogsite!  Perhaps in a short time she will have a direct e-mail contact or have her other network page links working on this new site. 

    If someone knows please respond to this inquiry here.  Or if anyone knows Lexi Alexander personally please have her visit this site and answer the question personally!

  21. i’m 78 yrs old and enjoyed “Lifted”very much,Uriah’ssinging voice amoung the very best i’ve heard. his acting is great. the story is superb. the message  over all is very touching and meaningful.

  22. Thank you for taking the time to comment about the film. 
    Your absolutely correct! While some of the supporting cast really lacked luster, Uriah outshines them all!  He has definably proven that he can play any major role that is offered to him in the future.

  23. I agree totally with the author that this is definitely NOT in the same category as August Rush or Pay It Forward as far as quality acting, etc. is concerned.  HOWEVER, the story line and inspirational quality is second to none!  There is a lot of undeveloped talent in this film that I’m sure we will be seeing more of in the future.  Both Uriah and Dash are musically multi-talented even though this “type” of music was not my favorite.  These two made me a fan!

  24. Hi!
    Do you know when the DVD of “Lifted” will be available in France?

  25. MOvie was great,, but i had to cry at the towards the end <3:) In i juss had to find all these songs And I DiD ;0,,Watch it last night so amazing on netflex And juss Had to WATch,, Anyway yu was bleesed with A beautiful VoiCe Uriah Shelton.. :0 Yehh I love THIS Movie !!! My New Fav Movie, THe songs is so inspiring,,, Yu made A NeW FaN!!! <3

  26. This movie is available for streaming on Netflix.  My kids and I watched it last night and it is now their favorite movie ever (all 3 of them)!  Uriah’s performance was so believable and the music is so moving. I highly recommend!

  27. Uriah Shelton was the bomb in this movie is now my FAVORITE MOVIE good luck with your music

  28. I have looked everywhere for this DVD and can’t find it…please tell me how and where to get it

  29. I’m About Uriah’s Age. (9 Months Difference) And Trust Me.
    Just Seeing Him On The Cover Will Automatically Attract Young Viewers! My Lord Is He VERY Attractive! 
    But Anyway This Movie I Have Seen It Over 75 Times And I’m Not Sick Of It. I Loved This Movie The First Time. I Love This Movie Now. And I Know I Will Love This Movie Forever.
    His Voice. Is Just OUTSTANDING! And Gives Me Goosebumps. I Love Uriah Shelton. I Have Seen Almost Anything And Everything He Comes Out In. (The Glades, Haunting Hour, Alabama Moon, LIFTED, Ect.) I Hope Glades Starts Soon!

  30. Thanks Christal for clarifying this!
    I did not think one had been created but I was not sure.  I appreciate you taking the time to comment and for spreading the word! 

    Uriah is a wonderful young actor and I look forward to his next major role!

  31. It is now in my collection as well!  Uriah is just wonderful in this!  I can’t wait to see him in his next major film!

  32. this is my favorite movie now …thank you for this movie ..i was looking for this tipe of movie a verry long time …and the boy is verry talented

  33. Shawna,

    Thanks for commenting!  I too loved this movie.  Of course Uriah is charming as usual but everything else was well done too. 

    I think they could have cut a little more of the contest but Uriah’s singing was exceptional! 

    I wish I knew if there were a soundtrack being made for this.  If it hasn’t been produced by now it’s most likely not going to be made!  However if someone knows differently please jump in and respond! 

    Thanks again for your comment!

  34. Loved this movie!!!!!!  Will there be a soundtrack out anytime soon?  Would love to have the music to the movie. 

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