Jordan’s Number One Again! Of course he is!

How long has it been since my last update?!
What only a few hours ago?  This blogger needs roller skates!
Jordan is moving so fast I can’t keep up anymore!   As of 9:00 p.m. EST Jordan is in 1st place in the Soundcheck contest by over 200 votes and just captured 2nd place in the WonderWorld TV contest.  Fan’s you are incredible! Of course so is Jordan.

Jordan your giving this blogger blisters with all these updates!   BUT DON’T SLOW DOWN because I’m predicting that by morning Jordan will have a clear lead in both competitions.

Because this kid is “BREAKING FREE”  Soaring to the top!


I just found another site that many of you may be interested in.  They are currently featuring Jordan and have all of his videos there along with the lyrics for each song:

3 thoughts on “Jordan’s Number One Again! Of course he is!”

  1. What's not to love! “Jordan has the whole talent package!” Looks, Voice, Ability, Zeal, Personality Plus, Charisma! Yes sir, the whole package!

  2. Thanks Rivenmaster, for mention my site here.
    You do a great job with this blog.

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