Jordan Jansen Continues to Excell

Jordan is not only outrageously talented, but soon to be Australia’s new teen heart throb, with comments like “Your cute”, “ really sweet..♥“, streaming from his You Tube Videos.
However, his fan base does not just start and end with young pre-teen girls. Jordan has attracted the attention from many a talented musician, song writers, and even producers. This wide fan base has taken him to the top and even over the top at where he is in the 14th round of a song contest that will yield him 50,000 clams should he win.

Maybe I should say When He Wins!.
The contest commencement date is scheduled 25/January/2010 with the final round to finish on 1/February/2010.
He is currently holding a gigantic FIRST PLACE lead with his closest competitor over 2,000 votes behind. That’s right TWO THOUSAND VOTES!
Jordan in home recording studio

I have constantly affirmed since I began this blog that Jordan Jansen will be doing things of Super Star Status in the near future. You had better hold on to your seat, because this kid is taking no prisoners with his spirit of determination for success!

Jordan, we all take off our hats to you! Not just for the fine videos you place on You-Tube, but because we are all inspired by your never quit attitude. As they say; the proof is in the pudding, “Your really Cooking Son!”

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