Daves Highway First CD Huge Success!

Daves Highway was first introduced here on November 6th followed up with another article on December 14th where I announced their first CD release!  I must say that these kids offer more than just pretty harmony!
I purchased their CD pack from their web site and received it complete with each of their signatures and signed photo.  The artistic logo will be framed along with the picture and the CD and hung on my wall as a commemorative keepsake to be cherished long after they have become big stars!

Daves Highway

I listened intently to each track, and was very happy with the quality of the entire CD. I would have to say my favorites are  “Jesus Messiah” and “Boondocks”.  When I first heard “Jesus Messiah” on You-Tube, I was taken back that three youngsters could blend their voices in such perfection.  When I listened to it directly from the CD I was even more impressed with their vocal control and ability to lift the spirit in a manner that can only claim professionalism.

Boondocks offers Zachary and opportunity to shine as a soloist.  Having two lovely sisters that sing like angels could inhibit any boy, but this middle child proves himself to be more than just the big/little brother.  He brings the masculine grit to this song, that in my opinion, takes it to the next level.
Daves Highway Bundle KitThere is not enough time to talk about each of the girls, but I must express that watching Erika sing on their videos is a real treat.  Her expressionism is so genuine that you are captivated with each note as her entire soul is poured out for our listening pleasure.  Big sister Delaney is a real joy to listen to as well.  Whether she is singing lead or harmony, she exhibits pure perfection in tone and vocal quality!  The joy she emanates in her singing is contagious leaving every listener begging for more!
If you have not yet purchased your copy then hurry while they last!  I have already burned my safely to my hard drive and preserved the original.  I can promise you that this will be more than a collectors item someday, its already a precious treasure!