Daniel Shaw Australia’s Busy Busker

Daniel Shaw in Melborne Early 2011

Daniel Shaw is quickly becoming known in Australia for being one of the busiest buskers’s in the country!  However, this past summer, Daniel has taken his talent worldwide on a Sizzling Summer Spectacular Tour.

Even before I introduce Daniel on this site last June, I had been following his career.  Daniel continues to amaze everyone with his new original songs and extremely well produced and creative videos.

Daniel Shaw
Daniel Shaw


Only now have things settled down long enough to bring you an update about Daniel’s amazing International Summer Tour.  This amazing adventure covered thousands of miles with Daniel performing and amassing many new fans in far reaching places. Traveling from his native Australia, to New Zealand, the US, Canada, then onward to Europe and back, Daniel demonstrated that he is more than just an Australian Busker but an International one.

This past week I asked Daniel to share some of the highlights of his tour with us. He graciously supplied me with the following.




Daniel Shaw’s Sizzling Summer Singing Tour

Earlier this year I was raising money busking (street performing) in Melbourne to represent Australia in World Championships of Performing Arts (WCPA). The crowds were very supportive and I managed to sell around 90 CDs at most performances.

I was also busy in the Studio writing and recording songs for my Album. I performed the song “Love” live in the studio on the Triple J Breakfast Show the day before I flew out.

Daniel Shaw Busking
Daniel Shaw Busking

In July of this year I travelled to Los Angeles via New Zealand to perform in the WCPA. The Australian team went very well and I won each of my five categories where I was playing a grand piano and singing my original songs. While in Los Angeles I also performed at Venice Beach, Santa Monica Boulevard, downtown LA, Hollywood Boulevard and in the Santa Monica Plaza (where Selena Gomez played).

I also had a radio interview with Bruce Owens on the Good Morning Hudson Valley program based in New York.

Before I left for the USA I completed an eighteen month project to produce my first full album of original songs (13 tracks in total). We had this album pressed in the USA.

Daniel Performing to the Crowd
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My dad rented a car and drove 8,300 miles from LA to Vancouver, BC to Spokane, WA to Chicago, IL to Toronto, Canada to New York, NY to St Louis, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah to Las Vegas then back to Los Angeles.  I had street performances in San Francisco, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Vancouver Canada, Spokane Washington, Chicago, IL, Toronto, Canada and in Salt Lake City.

In my free time in the USA I visited Niagara Falls, I saw Grizzly Bears, a couple of Moose that crossed the highway just in front of us, and some Deer at a rest stop. I also visited Six Flags in San Francisco, Universal Studios (two times), Disney Land, and attended The Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas.

We then flew to Copenhagen, Denmark. I performed at a few open air concerts, a Justin Bieber BBQ, a Street Performance in Copenhagen, a couple of Radio interviews, two Television interviews, and performed at three schools and one Church.

Daniel 2Boys Skyping Rivenmaster
Pictured Marcus (2Boys), Daniel Shaw, Sondre (2Boys), Rivenmaster via Skype

I visited a fan in Sweden and Two Boys in Norway where we Skyped Rod Johnson from RivenMaster.com.

In addition, I had a gig at a restaurant in the Netherlands; so we had the chance to take the ferry to Germany and drive the autobahn to Holland.

After three months away from home, I flew back to Melbourne, Australia via China.


Daniel can easy boast being a world traveler with so many Continents under his belt. This is quite an achievement for a youngster who has only just entered his teenage years.

When Daniel was back performing in Melbourne a Lady said; “I saw you performing in Chicago”, as she has a daughter who lives there. It’s a small world after all.

Daniel would like to personally thank the following radio stations in the Us that are playing Daniel’s song entitled “No More“.

  • EL DORADO AR 1290 AM
  • EL Dorado AR 98.7 FM
  • Greenville KY 101.9 FM
  • Greenville KY 105.5 FM
  • Oconto WI 107.1 FM
  • Sheridan WY 930 AM
  • Sheridan WY 93.7 FM
  • Sheridan WY 1410 AM
Daniel Shaw Love
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Daniel recently released his new CD entitled “Love”.

I also published an exclusive review of Daniels new Cd on The Skykid.com which contains all new original songs by Daniel.

You can read it by following this link:

[button_round color=”blue” url=”http://www.theskykid.com/music/daniel-shaws-debut-cd-a-true-work-of-love/”] Love CD Review [/button_round]



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