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Luke Womac Tree
I am very pleased to announce that I am currently working with the parents of two fantastic young country artists.
Connor Blackley

Connor Blackley (12)  from Florida (left) and Luke Womac, (14) of Tennessee pictured (below).

Both boys will soon be taking the stage here in a feature article.

I can’t express enough what a joy it will be for you to hear these two fine performers sing.Luke Womac Tree
For the past several months we have spent most of our time outside of the United States. However these two boys will surly demonstrate just what the U.S.A. has to offer in relationship to Treble singers.
You will not want to miss the introduction of these two up and coming young performers and be sure to watch for follow up articles concerning their musical activities.
While they may be making their first visit here at Rivenmaster it won’t be their last.
I can predict with clear certainty that these two boys will be standing on Americas larges stage some day, not just entertaining a crowd but truly bringing us the best that singing talent has to offer.

Listen to Luke’s rendition of “Why Me Lord” and you’ll see what I mean.