Dylan Cragle’s New Song with Meaningful Message

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Dylan Cragle is more than just a young man with a big voice. He is a young man with a big heart! Dylan has a masterful way to write not only great pop music with moving rhythm and beat, but weaves in a meaningful message with every new release. His latest song “In This World” not only illustrates this, but once again gives you an inside look at who Dylan Cragle really is, and what he wants to convey through his music!

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Dylan is extremely compassionate about an issue that many young teens face every day at school. Bullying! This is not only wrong but has driven many teens to even take their own lives because of not wanting to face another day of this repeated torturous routine from their peers.

fugle-swing-1While swinging on his back yard swing, Dylan started thinking about a friend at school who was getting bullied on a daily basis.  He thought; “Why are some people so mean? Why do they purposely try to hurt and make fun of others?” Dylan was pondering a way that he could help her when he suddenly realized his thoughts could be turned into a song.  He ask his Mom to bring him a tablet and pencil and soon the words began to flow out of him.  In about one hours time his masterpiece was complete and while handing it to his Mom he exclaimed; “I think this is a real good one Mom.”

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“What’s up with School” new Dylan Cragle original!

Thirteen year old Dylan Cragle from Washington state is making his mark as a recording artist with his new original song “What’s Up With School” this week.

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Dylan Cragle

Thirteen year old Dylan Cragle from Washington state is making his mark as a recording artist with his new original song “What’s Up With School” this week.  While many youngsters his age are singing copycat songs in attempts to be recognized, Dylan has taken it to the next level as a song writer/performer.  Working regularly with his producer Victor Holguin, Dylan is learning to exercise his unique creative talent.

Dylan began writing “What’s Up With School” about 2 months ago and I am delighted to introduce it here for the very first time.

What’s Up with School?

Dylan’s desire was to write about something that not only he could relate to, but something that all teens could identify with and enjoy.  This song is quite different than his past recordings as it is upbeat, cheery, and has a very catchy beat.  Like most teens, Dylan despises homework and often asks “why do I have to learn about this?” His Mom Lynn told me, that the chorus for this song  just spilled out while having a conversation with her about the subject matter of the song.  Once the lyrics for the chorus were in place, he thought of a melody and how he wanted the song to sound. He then took this to his producer and from that they started composing the music. Dylan then started writing the verses, the bridge, and came up with some ad libs. The song slowly developed, and what we hear today is the final results of this fantastic collaboration of creativity and effort.

Dylan is already looking foreword to writing his next song and we are very excited to see what comes next from this fantastic new young recording artist!

Don’t forget to leave your comments for Dylan, as he very much appreciates hearing from you, his fans and supporters!

Great job Dylan!  Keep them coming! We all wait in anticipation to your next offering here at Rivenmaster’s Place! …..”Rivenmaster”