Allan Clelland Goddard’s new ‘Michael Jackson Tribute Video’

Allan Clelland GoddardAllan Clelland Goddard has been very busy since his big move from Trinidad and Tobago this past July.  If you remember in my last article, I announced that Allan would be making this big move to the Sunshine State of Florida, USA.  His mother explained; “At first Allan was homesick and missing his friends in Trinidad, many of whom he had known since kindergarten, but when he started school in Florida he soon began making new friends and word quickly traveled around the school that there was a new boy with a cool accent. Allan was, and still is often stopped in the corridor and cafeteria, and asked to say a few words just so they can hear him speak!”

She went on to explain, that attending school in the US is a completely new experience for Allan. It was the first time that he had to move from room to room for his various classes. In Trinidad the teachers came to the classroom and the entire class did the same schedule. He survived though, and quickly learned the ropes making the necessary adjustments. Allan is currently enrolled in ‘all honors’ courses and doing very well.

Allan Clelland Goddard Brown ChairAllan also enrolled in chorus at school and has already progressed to “All County” chorus. In two weeks he will be attending the second round of auditions for the “All State” chorus.  Allan is especially excited to announce that he now has a vocal coach, which is something that his family has desired for him for a long time.  He is anxious to work on improving his skills and utilize his talent to the best of his ability.  I’m sure we will be hearing even greater vocals from him in the near future as he progresses with his lessons learning new breathing and vocal techniques.

Soccer, (called football in Trinidad), has always been a big part of Allan’s life, playing and training with a team in Trinidad twice a week. It goes without saying that Allan is overjoyed that he not only has joined a soccer club in Florida, but plays and trains four times a week. He is having a blast making lots of friends on the team who share his passion for the sport.

Allan just learned last week that he has been named as one of the Top 10 Performers of Tomorrow and will receive an award in Trinidad on November 4th. Unfortunately he will not be available to receive it in person, but his Father, who is there on business, will do so on his behalf.  Allan’s Mother exclaimed;

“It is indeed an honor and a privilege to receive this award, with this being the 3rd time that this title has been bestowed on Allan. He is both grateful and humbled.”

Late last week Allan’s first video since moving to the US was posted to YouTube and is receiving great reviews by his subscribers and viewers. It was the first time that Allan and his mom attempted such a technical video and despite the fact that the finished product is only about 7 minutes long it took hours of practice, filming, re-filming and editing to complete!  Allan gives his thanks and appreciation to Chris Nelson, (christoff555) who was responsible for the background music, script and fantastic editing. I’m happy to present it here and can say without a doubt that this is the best video that we have seen yet from Allan and his team. This video is a dedication to Michael Jackson, who had a great musical influence on Allan.  Much time, effort and work went into this production attempting to make everything as near perfect as possible.  Be sure you visit Allan’s YouTube site and leave him a comment on his new video as well as right here in the Disqus Box below.

Allan also has a brand new web site that you will want to visit:

All and all, the move has been a positive one for Allan. He will continue to hold Trinidad and all his friends there very close to his heart as he looks to the future and remembers the past.

9 thoughts on “Allan Clelland Goddard’s new ‘Michael Jackson Tribute Video’”

  1. Trinidude, nothing is cast in stone and only time will tell….

  2. Perhaps I didn’t read the article carefully enough but I am left wondering whether Allan and his family are planning to become American citizens or if the move is not seen as permanent. Good luck, either way.

  3. Thanks Skykid. Yes Chris has been doing some wonderful work on my videos and I am so grateful for that.

  4. The new song of Allan is really good and I like its clip a lot as well. Chris did a great job and his professionalism is really impressing contributing greatly to Allan`s performance. It was interesting to read the update on Allan – schooling in the US can quite an experience ( : The history of Allan as described reminds me of the early years of Freddie Mercury for some reason …

  5. Trinidude, thank you…I am flattered but alas his mother (moi) was the cameraman! (and director)

  6. I’m surprised he doesn’t use his beautiful mother for cameos in his video. It would certainly increase view-counts.

  7. Allan is a wonderful person. He has a great voice, and his accent adds more to his tone….A very likable person in many ways

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