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Alan Wheeler
Alan Wheeler
Alan Wheeler

Our last update for Alan Wheeler was back in July which recapped his music video for “Sleeping With The Light On” and featured his new music video “I For U”

That article also included an exclusive shout out video where he promised to let us know about some very special things that he was working on.

Alan recently contacted us and presented us with some very exciting news! Alan has moved from Monterrey Mexico to Beverly Hills to finish High School and to continue his music and acting studies.

Since arriving in LA, Alan and his sister Chris have been busy getting to know their new home, getting settled into a new school, exploring the area and beginning a new stage of their lives.

Alan Wheeler w/guitar
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Alan has enrolled in one of the most prestigious youth acting programs in the country: Gary Spatz’s Playground and is looking to take his singing talent to Television and the Big Screen!  He is also looking forward to finalizing an agreement with a Talent Agent soon.


Each Friday evening Alan continues his USTREAM.TV broadcasts, where he and Chris interact with their fans, performing to their requests, singing their favorite tunes and just having a good time.  The change of time zones has taken some adjustment for everyone, trying to make the most of the opportunities available in LA while keeping the weekly appointment with Alan’s fans.  Routine “guests” on the broadcast include Chris’ Perry (The Platypus stuffed animal), Paul the family’s Chihuahua, and the Kid’s mom Perlita.

Alan Wheeler 2011 w/guitarAlso, we have been fortunate to have a couple of visits from Alan’s friends from the Hollywood School of Pop summer camp as well as some family friends visiting from Monterrey in August.

One of the things that the whole family worked on while getting to know LA was the filming, edition and publication of Alan’s latest music video – for his recording of the 80’s hit “CIEN GAVIOTAS” originally recorded by Duncan Dhu.  The video was filmed completely in Venice Beach, Alan did a great job singing out and acting under his mother’s direction, and Chris did a wonderful job of editing.

Only yesterday Alan unveiled his latest single and music video for “Is there anybody out there?”  His teaser video has been building anticipation and excitement over the past two week’s right here on this site. We are now happy and excited to feature this new release for all of you to enjoy!


Yesterday, Alan was featured on FHR Internet Radio in an exclusive interview which featured his music and included the debut of his new song.  This special time with Alan also included comments and shout outs from Alan’s many fans, making for a very exciting broadcast.

In case you missed this live broadcast, we are honored to present the interview portion to you courtesy of FHR Radio. A special thanks to the producer and the entire staff at FHR for providing this in YouTube format exclusively for use on Rivenmaster’s Place.

Congratulations to Alan on a great interview and on his tremendous new song and video.

Listen to Alan's Exclusive Interview on FHR Radio

Alan is very much looking forward to visiting Monterrey during the Christmas Holiday and will hold several showcases for his fans in Mexico.

Please support Alan by purchasing his new Video in HD and also his latest single release on:

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To learn more about Alan Wheeler visit:

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  1. esta genial lo amoo!! aww alante quiero mucho y si no me cres pues creeme jeje

  2. Alan siguemee en twitter 🙂 soi @VelaNaomi:twitter 

  3. eres y cantas hermoso ♥.♥, mandame un saludo , y ven a Chile ijiji♥

  4. Holiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, me encnata este mino lo amo  ♥.♥ ♥.♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You did it again!!
    The song is so catchy!!
    The video is awesome!!
    I love You.
    When are you coming to Spain?

  6. Alan, amee el video , esta genial jaja un gran abrazo de parte de toda mi familia, te queremos muchoo, mucho exito y que Dios te siga bendiciendo!

  7. the radio interview was awesome haha i heard both his english and spanish songs… hahah if only i knew spanish though hahaha i wanna learn spanish now! 😀

  8. i bought it!!! hahah i can’t stop listening to it its so addictive :DDDD

  9. aww alan looks cool and the video is awesome! 
    lol i wanna know who the girls(girl?) in the video are! hahaha 
    btw, i hope to hear more of alan soon! for now i’ll be watching the broadcasts they sound fun :B

  10. we need more people to know alan! i love his songs and i’m sure more people will too! i want to be able to see alan in concerts someday, that’d be epic!!!! 

  11. i love his hair (and his sister’s!) 😀 haha 
    great job alan, your music is awesome 🙂

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    it makes me say
    eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh (8)

  13. Awesome 😀 😀 😀 i bought Is There anybody Out There on itunes yesterday… i love it 😀

  14. Gracias por todo el apoyo, de Monterrey para el mundo Alan Wheeler 

  15. As always it’s my sincere pleasure to work with you and with Alan!  I have no doubt that Alan is well on his way to becoming a household name in the entertainment business!  He has a wonderful future ahead of him!

  16. Thanks Rivenmaster for a wonderful report and superlative support!  We all, and especially Alan, sincerely appreciate your continued contribution to his career!  Alan’s father Bob

  17.  Wow!
    I really liked “Is there anybody out there” video!!!
    Always Forward, new videos, interviews and constantly preparing you to new things!!!
    Congrats Alan!

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