A Weekend with Sam Verlinden

Sam returned to school this week with a full agenda not just for school but for his extra curricular activities as well.

Sam announced today;
Sam in his MJ jacket

“I’m back to school, Oliver rehearsals, Battle of the Band rehearsals, Touch Rugby Training and Christmas in the Park rehearsals”.

Goodness Sam! Don’t you ever take a break?
Well the answer to that is yes he did. While short, it was a much needed refreshing from the tedious grind that the past 2 months have afforded him.  You could say it was a last days of school vacation/birthday celebration.  Sam spent part of the weekend at a local Thyme Park with his two best mates Luke and Liam. It was a great time of just boys being boys!

When we think about Sam, we think about the bundle of talent he is! We see him on stage under the spotlight, on the television, entertaining for special events, entering and winning World Talent Competitions, creating new You-Tube videos, answering tons of Fan Mail, Busking (singing on the street)  on the weekends, on and on we could go! However it’s good to know that Sam every once and awhile can relax and just be a fun loving 12 year old boy!

Sam and his two best friends Luke and Liam
The boys dressed for the cool morning air as they ventured around the park, rode some killer roller coaster rides, and once things warmed up enjoyed a cool ice cream treat.
Sam and his friends Luke and Liam

Shown in the pictures is Luke, ( on left), Sam, and Liam (on right).

Cool t-shirt Liam! It’s good to see that Sam has great friends with similar interests!

So come on along for a few more great pictures of a fun filled weekend with the boys and then don’t forget to visit all of Sam’s contest entries to cast your daily votes!  The new stationary links are located in the greeen sidebar at the top of this page next to Sam’s background picture!

Sam, Luke, and Liam on CoasterLiam and Sam in go cart
This is one blogger who is extremely jealous because I love roller coasters, go carts, and especially cotton candy!
Be sure to stay tuned for more inside peeks of Sam’s life, friends, and adventures.  He will be here all month!

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  1. Wow… I wish that I can get some ride too. I do love it so much. Hey Sam, enjoy your life ok. Keep up with your singing. You have a fantastic talent. Don't forget to thanks God.

    Loves, kiss, and hugs from Malaysia.

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