Jordan is doing it again!

Jordan on Stage

Jordan Jansen is bowling them over!
With his new found friends from Japan he could pull ahead for the lead against a very strong challenger Roldan, who has kept first place since the beginning of round Five.  Jordan was only 28 votes from taking 1st place.  Now is the time for you fans to VOTE like never before!

His second contest at Wonderworld TV is doing very well considering the few hours that has past since I was first made aware of the entry.  When I announced the entry yesterday he was in 16th place.  He has climbed the charts to number 6 as of a few moments ago!  Wow!  This just goes to show the kind of internet following this little super star has!  Way to go Jordan!
Keep Up the Great VOTING Everyone!

Hallelujah Kid entered in another contest!

Jordan with guitar
Jordan is still in Japan but will be returning home soon.  Today I discovered from his mum that he was entered into another contest.

Cast your votes here:

Please Vote everyday to keep Jordan in the win circle!

As of today Jordan was still in 2nd place.  This is great but only 166 votes from first place is all we need.  Please make a concerted effort to cast your vote daily!

Here’s and idea!

Set your home page to the Soundcheck link. Every time your computer browser opens it will remind you to go vote!