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Allan Clelland Goddard

Last October I introduced a young boy from Trinidad and Tobago named Allan.  For the past two months, Allan has been improving his singing voice using different vocal range practicing exercises.  In addition he has been working very hard on a new music video which will be shown here very soon!

As you know, one of Allan’s greatest influences has been Billy Gilman.  At my request he will be singing another one of Billy’s hit songs “Wha

Ooops I almost told you! You are just going to have to check back to find out.  Don’t miss this upcoming blog.  Be watching your Twitter, Google Reader, and Facebooks for the big announcement!  Alan is going places and you won’t want to be left behind in the dust!

Talented Boy of the Day!

Introducing Allan From Trinidad & Tobago!

Every once an awhile a raw talent emerges from a corner in the globe that seldom gets any attention!  In fact many of you may have to stop and ask yourself, “Where in the world is Trinidad and Tobago?
Well, “Trinidad and Tobago” (pronounced /ˈtrɪnɨdæd É™n təˈbeɪɡoÊŠ/) is an archipelagic state in the southern Caribbean, lying northeast of the South American country of Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles. It was only yesterday that I was introduced to this young little singer named Allan.  Allan has such a sweet personality that shines through his expressionism as he sings songs made famous by Billy Gilman and Michael Jackson.  His mother wrote a song in the calypso genre to help spread the message about Street Children that really touched my heart! Thank you Deborah!

I just had to share this video and wonderful find with all of you.  Watch as Allan sings his intrepretation of the song “Oklahoma” by: Billy Gilman.

Allan loves to sing and act and has been in 3 stage shows (all amateur productions). His first being Oliver in the musical (Oliver!), followed by Kurt in the Sound of Music and his most recent role was that of ‘Chip’ in ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
Allan plays the piano, keyboard, drums and the steel pan.
Allan has twin sisters, Genevieve & Kiona who also love to sing & are featured on the Family’s You-Tube channel from time to time.

While Allan is far from ready for any singing contracts or record deals and is still working on perfecting his singing techniques, his only dream is to sing and bless the world with his compassionate art of music.  If there is anyone who coaches children professionally who would be willing to offer some encouragement and pointers to Allen and his mother, please visit them on their You-Tube home channel.