Loïc Van Hoydonck Switzerland’s Singing Star

Loic Van Hoydonck
Loic Van Hoydonck

In April of this year, my good friend Tommy from Stars2Come.com introduced me to Loïc Van Hoydonck. Loïc, 13yrs old, lives in Champéry in the Swiss Alps. He is of both Belgium and English decent, so he consequently speaks English and French on a daily basis. In addition, Loic studied German in school making him trilingual.  Loïc, like many youngsters who are singing eloquently by their teens, started singing very early.  In fact his mother disclosed to me that he showed a talent as a baby exercising his lungs with a cry that almost sounded as if he were singing!

Loic On PianoHe began piano lessons at just 6yrs old and at 9yrs he asked if he could have a guitar. While his parents hesitated for a while, due to his already busy schedule between music and sports, they finally agreed and Loïc received his first guitar as a 2007 Christmas present. It was when he started guitar lessons that they really started to observe his outstanding ability of both playing and singing.

Then Erika, his older sister, decided to film him singing and began posting his vocals to YouTube for his families in Belgium and England to enjoy. However, it was not just his extended family that was taking notice. Countless numbers of viewers including French Television channel TF1 discovered his amazing talent and requested his appearance on their live program `Petite Star` which has a viewing audience of over 5 million.

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Needless to say that this gave birth to a recognition that Loïc could have never dreamed would come true so quickly. This led to another Television appearance on French TV CanalJ where he performed the song “This is the Life”.

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Loïc was then interviewed for French Channel M6 100% mag the same year.

In addition to these two big appearances, Loïc just finished recording for Swiss TV TSR, a program which will be released this December which we are very much looking forward to seeing.

Locally, Loïc has sung at humoristic festivals “Maxis Rire”, sings for weddings, and is often asked to sing the Swiss national anthem for opening of festivals.

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Loïc`s passion for singing and playing the guitar is now more than obvious.

Loïc is also very active in sports and boasts a collection of medals in his room that would make any Olympian jealous! He currently is a member of a running club, swimming club and a tennis club, and also participates in triathlons in the summer. To add to his busy life schedule, Loïc takes piano, guitar, and singing lessons once a week.

Loic Van Hoydonck GuitarLoïc lists his favorite musical artists as: Charlie Winston, Paolo Nutini, GreenDay, and Amy McDonald.  Like most boys he has a great appetite and names Swiss dishes using cheese and tomato fondue as his favorites.

Loïc is also an avid reader and especially enjoys action stories and science fiction books. He enjoys school and especially loves physical education, math and science.

I asked him what movies he enjoys and listed “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Harry Potter” and “The X Men” as his favorites.

While at 13 years old it may be hard to decide what you want to do in the future it seems that Loïc is destined for stardom. He dreams to be a professional singer as well as a physical education teacher.


To find out more about Loïc visit his YouTube Site and be sure you tell him Rivenmaster sent you!  Loic also has a great FaceBook Fan Page where many of his videos are presented!  Also please leave your comment below for Loïc to let him know how much you enjoy his vocals and musical talent!

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  1. Loic is really a wonderful young man with an amazing talent! It was my privilege to do this article and I know that he will go very far! It would not surprise me to hear that he becomes not only a famous singer, but an olympic athlete as well!

  2. I am glad that Loïc Van Hoydonck is getting more and more coverage each day. Not long ago I was reading about him and his music in a web forum , and I myself have been following him on YouTube where I noted that he is able to sing in various languages which as you mentioned above is a huge advantage for each performer. And wow triathlon – the best sport in the world ( I myself have been practicing it for years ). Thank you for another interesting feature and good luck Loïc !

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