JOHN-ROBERT – Virginian Vocalist Extraordinaire”>

Twelve year old John-Robert Lee Rimel is a rising singer/performer from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He currently attends Middle School and is in the 7th Grade. John-Robert sings in the school chorus where he was selected for the All District Middle School Choir and was also selected through a …

Dalton Cyr Seriously Skillful Songwriter/Performer”>

“A Prodigy in the truest sense of the word…” – Rick Stevenson, Director of Prodigy Camp Following in the footsteps of artists like John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Dalton Cyr is “self-made.” Lennon and McCartney would sit in their bedroom and write songs and believed in getting as many hours …

Sam Santiago Featured on Maury’s Future Stars 2013”>

“You can sing kid!” – “Maury Povich”     Ten year old Singing Sensation, Sam Santiago  from Irvine California, was awarded with a series of claps, applauds, and jubilees throughout his rendition of Bruno Mars’ number one hit single, “When I Was Your Man”, on the popular Maury Povich Show last …

Lyric Dubee Canada’s Next Big Rock/Pop Artist”>

Lyric Dubee was first introduced here last year in July! Since then he has been busy with concerts, live appearances and showcasing his talents at a variety of venues in Toronto and throughout Canada! Lyric has already attained some monumental pinnacles in his career.  This young Indi artist is not …

Recent Articles:

“International Christmas Child” a Gift of Love That Keeps Giving

December 24, 2014 Featured, Special Posts No Comments

Christmas Decor 2014

It is unusual, but I think this is what it feels like to love the world; to place the hope for our future on our children, believing that they can succeed where we have failed.                                                            Matthew Todd



Matthew & Nathan Todd

 Each year when I ponder what the Christmas Article should contain, I always consider what will make the greatest impact or best benefit the young artists represented and promoted through this site.

With Christmas being a time of giving, I could not think of a greater example of young artists using their talents to help make a difference in the world than the INTERNATIONAL CHRISTMAS CHILD project.

This CD project spearheaded by a band of brothers from Scotland is a great example of adults helping “Children helping Children”. I asked Matthew and Nathan Todd to share a little about this project with Rivenmaster’s Place and provide insight about each participating young artists.

 Matthew shared;

“I’m coming round to the belief that, just as adults all have an unwritten responsibility to support and nurture children, children have an unwritten responsibility of reminding adults what is important in life. They do this, often, simply by being themselves.”

Guitarist 3D GuyBackstory:

Matthew and Nathan Todd have been running projects for a few years now, all with the goal ‘to inspire and transform’. What could be more inspirational and transformational, they thought, than an album of children singing to help children? What they could not know was, if any would join them in their quest……….

Matthew went on to explain;

“One word could sum up the whole month of October for us: “Apprehension”. The messages were sent out to artists and their managers on October 12 and we awaited the responses. We were asking for a track from about 16 artists which could be included on a compilation album raising funds for Operation Christmas Child. Then the drama began! After several weeks of language barriers, messages going to fake accounts, communications being lost in cyber-space and time rapidly running out, we arrived with 14 young artists buzzing with enthusiasm and ready to submit.”

2015 SantaThe process that followed getting the tracks mastered, artwork made, albums duplicated, website up and promotion started would take pages to describe but, suffice to say, Nathan and I spent many sleepless nights (and days!) at our computers in every spare moment. Nathan being a full time student and a partner in GN Todd (web development), was literally working around the clock, meanwhile I was trying to communicate with 14 different artists, often in languages I spoke very badly or not at all! Then our brother Phil came on board to make our promo video and our cousin Tom got involved with promotion. A generous friend of my fiancé agreed to translate our press release into French, and a professional media consultant got us an article in the Herald. This was becoming bigger every day!

I remember walking into our little Glasgow flat (aka ‘The Ladz Fortress’) about 11pm on a cold November night after a hard day of teaching and choir directing, and seeing Nathan working on the website, Phil (visiting) editing the promo video and Tom working on an animation for our logo. I sat down to answer a message from France and had to stop to think out loud: ‘this is awesome!’ “Nobody told me that making a difference would be this much work, but nobody told me it would be this exciting and fulfilling either!”



The Album:

Our biggest challenge is that people are so bombarded with advertising, especially at this time of year, getting someone to buy something is a real challenge. We in the Western world have also become quite emotionally numb, finding it hard to trust big charities or organizations and no longer believing that buying one CD or even one track on iTunes really can make a difference. To be honest, we are still a long way off our goal which was to raise £2500 (over $4000) for Operation Christmas Child though we are over half way there, but there are other goals which have exceeded our expectations. Every young artist on the album went out of their way to promote the album and some even made personal videos to recommend it to their fans.

There is no currency for inspiration and yet, without it, the whole world could one day just decide to give up. As I promote these young artists, watch them sing and see them sharing their gifts with such passion and enthusiasm I feel a strange tug on my heart-strings. How is it that I can feel a sense of pride and joy in children that are not related to me and, most, not even from my country? It is unusual, but I think this is what it feels like to love the world; to place the hope for our future on our children, believing that they can succeed where we have failed. And, like my God who loved the world so much he wanted to give the best Christmas present anyone could give, it inspires me to give my all to make the world a better place.”


Featured Artists on the Album in order of track placement
Introductions by Matthew Todd


JoJo Rocks

JoJo Rocks

JoJo Rocks, 11, Australia, “Amazing Grace”

Australia’s JoJo is one inspirational little guy! He started rapping to sponsor a child through the charity Compassion when he was just 7 years old. Now he dedicates much of his time to encouraging others to make a difference.

It must be acknowledged that JoJo was one of the major inspirations for the album.




Gaitway Brothers

Gaitway Brothers

Gaitway Brothers, 13, Scotland, “Like a Candle Flame”

Twin singers, Peter and Steven Gait, live in Helensburgh, Scotland. The boys delight their loyal following from all over the world with a unique variety of songs ranging from pop to Scottish folk music. The boys were first introduced on Rivenmaster in 2013 and returned with an article about their roles in a short feature film entitled “The Fable of Forsaken”.

Their acting and singing talent is best demonstrated in this:




Griffin Tucker

Griffin Tucker

Griffin Tucker, 13, Texas USA “Run, Run Rudolph”

Griffin Tucker is a mufti-instrumentalist, passionate performer and undisputed rock star! He specializes in classic rock and has an army of fans from around the world who are united in awe of his talent.

Griffin is also an inspirational young man with a genuine respect for his fans and it’s an honor to have him represented on the album. Here is his latest hit single simply entitled “Girlfriend”




Clement Bousquet

Clement Bousquet

Clément Bousquet, 13, France, “Etoile de Noël”

Clément who just turned thirteen-years-old, already has a loyal following for his music. His father, Pascal, produces his music and wrote the beautiful lyrics for “Etoile de Noël” (Star of Christmas). We feel very privileged to have such a wonderfully appropriate song written especially for this album.

Clément has a gentle, emotive voice and accompanies himself on piano. His expressive keyboard technique and sweet vocal harmonies are what make his songs uniquely mesmerizing.

France can be very proud to call him her own! Here is his latest music video in which Clément sings in English but with a good dose of French romanticism!



Erin Bolland

Erin Bolland

Erin Bolland, 11, Scotland, “All I want for Christmas is You”

Erin has an unforgettable voice with incredible power and control for her age. She is a rising star in her home town of Paisley, Scotland, and is gathering enthusiastic supporters from around the world.

Though I am sure you will agree that her recording for the album is exquisite, you have not really heard Erin sing until you have heard her live! Her voice has such power and presence; people can hardly believe it is coming from an 11-year-old!


*****Be sure to purchase the album to get this and the other 13 tracks.


Estaban y Diego

Estaban y Diego

Esteban & Diego, 14 & 18, France, “Cuando Bailas”

Signed by ‘Hope Records’, Esteban and Diego are musical cousins from France with roots in Rumba and Flamenco music. This award-winning duo has performed in many prestigious venues throughout the country and continues to wow audiences with their talent and energy.

While the Video from their site will not stream internationally you can hear a little of their unique sound by visiting their website.





Keanrah, 13, Germany, “How Happy You Make Me”

Keanu Rapp (aka Keanrah) is a German singer of the highest quality. He is famed for his sincere and passionate style over a variety of popular genres.

All of Keanrah’s tracks and music videos are produced by skilled DJ, Vichy Ratey, who has generously submitted one of his own songs “How Happy You Make Me” for the album.



Alexia Urtoi

Alexia Urtoi

Alexia Urtoi,12, Romania, “Chef de Fericire”

Operation Christmas Child first started operating in Romania so it is a privilege to have the wonderfully talented Romanian, Alexia Urtoi, on the album. Alexia is from Bucherest (the Romanian capital) and she has a beautiful voice and an infectious energy which is sure to lift your spirits.

Alexia Urtoi is a member of the Children’s Palace Iasi (prof. Anca Apetroaie). She began taking singing lessons at age 6 and soon managed to win numerous prizes at national music festivals for children.



New Scottish Youth Choir

New Scottish Youth Choir

 New Scottish Youth Choir, Scotland

 The New Scottish Youth Choir, East Glasgow section, is the pilot choir for an initiative which will soon become nationwide! The choir was instigated by New Scottish Arts, a Christian organization who promote the arts in Scotland, especially for youth.

Open to young people aged 8-18, New Scottish Youth Choir seeks to provide a safe, nurturing environment where they can strive together for the highest standards of choral excellence. As well as singing several concerts a year, the choir has sung for music videos and recordings. They also back the Gaitway Brothers in: “Comhla Riut-sa” (“With You”) and “Good Time”



Douglas Espinola

Douglas Espinola

Douglas Espinola, Brazil, “No Dia en que Saí de Casa”

Representing Brazil and in the Portuguese language is a truly talented performer named Douglas Espanola. Douglas rose to fame though the Brazilian youth talent show “Jovens Talentos Kids” which he won in 2012. He has a voice which is mature beyond his years and has an irresistible charm and charisma.





 Alexandru & Martine, 14, Norway, “My Song for You”

Alexandru and Martine have submitted a beautiful duet for the album. Both singers are from Norway and have an international following befitting their considerable talents.

Martine Singer

Martine Singer

We are delighted to be able to congratulate Alexandru on recently being signed as part of a new Boyband called ‘Suite 16′. Alexandru has been involved in a number of collaborations in the past and he has been wonderfully supportive of this project.

Martine, likewise, has been full of support and has gone out of her way to promote the album to her fans. It is not the first time that she and Alexandru have worked together.



Cameron Molloy

Cameron Molloy

Cameron Molloy, 13, Canada, “Spread Your Wings and Fly”

Cameron Molloy is truly a rising star. His achievements include being selected as one of the Top 9 out of 7000 kids who auditioned for “The Next Star”. Cameron writes and performs his own songs and we are delighted to have one of these original masterpieces on the album.

‘Spread Wings and Fly’ is a very special song which Cameron wrote for his grandfathers.

You can read Cameron’s latest feature article on Rivenmaster and on Cameron’s Website.






Sapphire, 11, UK, “One More Sleep”

Sapphire is a young performer with an incredible voice and natural talent for expressive song. Despite a huge international fan-base and several million views on her Youtube channel, Sapphire is as loyal to her fans as they are to her. She is loved all over the world, not only for her amazing vocal skills, but also for the appreciation she gives to her fans.

CHECK OUT HER COVER OF ‘LET IT GO’ FROM FROZEN (and look how many views it has!)


Sheridan Archbold

Sheridan Archbold

Sheridan Archbold, 13, Illinois USA, “Oh Holy Night”

Few boys of Sheridan’s age can claim to have won multiple singing awards or received a standing ovation on ‘America’s Got Talent’, but then very few boys have Sheridan’s classical soprano voice and a work ethic to match! It is our great pleasure to premiere Sheridan’s recording of ‘O Holy Night’ on the album. A well known Christmas song, but never before heard quite like this!

Unlike many celebrities, Sheridan is fantastic role-model for younger boys. He is hard working, enthusiastic and not afraid to pursue the art that is important to him.

HERE HE IS SINGING “THE PRAYER” like you have never heard it!



Christmas 2014This is the Sixth Christmas here at Rivenmaster’s Place and it’s been an amazing ride.

This past year has been another fantastic year of introductions of new artists who are just beginning their musical journey along with many updates from some of our regular featured young talents.

Don’t forget to use the dropdown menu at the top of page to visit each and every one of these amazing young performers’ articles. Also be sure to subscribe to their social media sites and wish them success!

 Happy New Year 2015

On behalf of Rivenmaster and everyone who helps to make this site one of the most exclusive and exciting sites to find and enjoy the latest and most popular young artists on the web we wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Jordan Bijan Canadian Musical Phenomenon

December 11, 2014 Featured, Jordan Bijan Comments Off

In striving to showcase the very best of young talent and continuing the quest in our search for new emerging talent, Rivenmaster is proud to present the very youngest child to ever be introduced on this site. While we have made it a practice to only feature youngsters between the ages of 8 and 18 we just had to make an exception for 6 year old Jordan Bijan.


Jordan Bijan

Jordan Bijan is a musical phenomenon from Brampton, Ontario. Although he is only 6 years old and just beginning his musical pursuit, he is already showing signs of enormous talent.


His dad shared with me that the earliest sign of Jordan showing a special natural talent was at the age of two. He recalls Jordan sitting in his car seat and singing along with his two sisters. However, Jordan was the only one who could match the pitch of the melodies he would hear.

Jordan’s Dad is a multi-instrumentalist so their living room is often filled with different instruments. One day at the age of five and a half, Jordan came to his dad and asked if he could learn a beat on the drums. His Dad showed him a basic beat, and within minutes, Jordan could play it. Dad would play the piano, and Jordan would keep a beat.

He then wanted to try the piano so his father showed him a few basic chords which he learned instantly. Jordan showed an amazing interest and would come home from his half day Kindergarten class, eat his lunch and go straight to practice.

Once he had built up enough confidence he wanted to record his own songs. Of course he wasn’t satisfied playing just one instrument; he wanted to play them all, said his Dad.

 Jordan Bijan 6 year old Watch Jordan perform U2

  … Continue Reading

Daves Highway Musicians With A Message

November 27, 2014 Daves Highway, Featured, Singing Groups Comments Off

Daves Highway Banner 2014


Daves Highway

Daves Highway Erika, Zachary, and Delaney Daves


Rivenmaster’s Place is always happy to find youngsters at the beginning of their musical careers. For this site, there is no greater pleasure than following and observing their development from young budding musicians into real super stars. Today’s featured guests are more than just amazing young musicians and vocalists. They are wonderful human beings who are making a difference in the world through their music and moral character.

When I first discovered Daves Highway’s music, they were just young kids doing their thing on YouTube. However, it was not hard to see from their first cover songs that these young people had a special relationship with God, family, and life in general. Their cheerful dispositions, warm personalities, polite responses to comments, and willingness to share with others, convinced me to become a loyal follower and fan for life.


Daves Highway 2014

Apparently I was not alone, as it was shortly after the release of our first article about them entitled “Mississippi Music Magic” published to, that Chris Tomlin took notice of their first cover of his song “Jesus Messiah”………….the rest is history.

Now in their first years of College, Daves Highway has grown into a famous professional young adult singing group. While this website will always remember them as cute little preteens just staring out, what we now hear is one of the most unique and amazing Christian crossover singing groups this country has ever produced.

It is with great pleasure that today I offer their full update presented exactly as it was given to me for your reading pleasure.

I trust, if you have not already joined their thousands of fans that you will by the end of this article.



“It’s been so long since we were “discovered” by our friend Rivenmaster. He posted our story from the very beginning way back in 2009. Since then, so much has changed for us. We’ve gone from a home school to attending college. We’re approaching 200,000 Facebook fans and have over 15 million video views, 4 studio CDs, and have written lots of songs.   And, now we’re kind of waiting to see where our music career might take us next. We’re hoping for a quick departure from college and onto a tour bus, but you never know.

Daves Highway rm 11 2014 new sm


We’ve played for thousands of people across the country, primarily in the southeast and have visited 12 states so far. We’re about to head up to New York to play a concert at “The Brooklyn Tabernacle”, which is very exciting for us.

Daves Highway An Acoustic Christmas

Our journey has enabled us to reach a lot of people and hopefully has demonstrated that the best life is one of character, morals, and honesty. There are shortcuts you can take, but in the end God just wants us to know and honor Him. And, that’s what we plan to do.

All 4 of our studio CDs are quite unique and different. We’ve experimented a lot with our sound learning who we want to be musically and it shows differently on each recording.   Our CDs are all available through our website and we have some other cool stuff there, too.   We also have iTunes, Amazon, and other internet sites selling our songs as well.

Our current CD was released on November 11 and is titled Daves Highway- An Acoustic Christmas. We believe this is our best work thus far. Even though we didn’t write the songs, our interpretation and arrangements of these classic tunes are pure Daves Highway. We recorded the entire record in about a week in a studio tucked away in the mountains near Asheville, NC. The songs were produced By Andrew Reed who made them just the way we wanted them, and we think you’ll love every song!

Daves Highway Live Performance 2014

Daves Highway Live Performance

As for the immediate future, we are going to release several new videos from ‘An Acoustic Christmas’ between now and Christmas. Here’s a new video of one of our favorites “Little Drummer Boy”

Daves Highway Drummer BoyDaves Highway New Music Video “Little Drummer Boy”

We also have a live DVD/CD in the can and ready to distribute. We made the live set back in 2011 at the Altamont Theatre in Asheville, too. It will be neat to look back at the fun we had back then.

We can’t write another word without saying a big THANKS to all of you who have read, liked, subscribed, and shared our posts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.     Please know that we do our best to read every post.   Without you, we can’t continue to do what we love to do….and that’s making music!

Daves Highway Live 2014

Keep following us! We’re going to take a positive message to everyone who will listen. And most of all, may God bless you.”

Daves HighwayErika, Zachary, and Delaney Daves

Cameron Molloy Singer, Songwriter Extraordinaire

November 18, 2014 Cameron Molloy, Featured Comments Off

 Cameron Molloy 2014 quote

Cameron Molloy was first introduced on this site this past January in an exclusive introductory feature article. We learned much about Cameron and the beginning of his musical career in that publication. Now nearly a year later, we wanted to bring you up to date with this amazing young musical prodigy.

Busy Recording Artist Debut EP

While some young artists are doing a lot of cover songs Cameron has been writing, performing, and recording his own original music. Cameron was interviewed by my good friend Bruce Owens from “Good Morning Hudson Valley” back in 2013, and that interview can still be found on this site in the Radio Interview section.

Cameron PerformsCameron Performs his AWARD WINNING original “Just Can’t Live”

Summer is typically a busy time for young artists and this summer has been no exception for Cameron! At the beginning of summer, he began vocal lessons with Rose Marie Bernaquez (who worked as a voice evaluator for Cirque de Soleil), and also continued with his guitar and music theory lessons. Cameron had twelve bookings at various events over the summer, highlighted with being mentored at a weeklong songwriter’s workshop by Bruce Guthro, Nathan Rogers, Kim Dunn and Chuck Brodsky. In addition, Cameron has continued his support of community fundraising for Cancer Research and other local charitable events.

Cameron Molloy EP


Another milestone in Cameron’s journey this year was the June release of his all original, 5 track EP. It truly was an incredible experience working with local producer Andre Leblanc and the well respected Pumpk’n Patch Studio. The result was a top shelf, radio ready ep, which has been played on Radio stations around the world and locally.

His EP is available everywhere online (itunes, Amazon etc), physical copies are available at CDBaby and signed copies are available directly from Cameron upon request. You will also find a large ad on this site with exclusive clips of his songs on that EP.

… Continue Reading

Sebastián Urdiales Mexico’s Newest Young Star!

October 22, 2014 Featured, Sebastián Urdiales, Young Male Artists M-Z Comments Off

Haga clic aquí para la versión Española

“I am unstoppable because if you have hope I have hope!”                                                                                                      Sebastián Urdiales

Sebastián Urdiales

In our continuing search for rising young talent from every corner of the globe we often come across talent that has already claimed great success in their part of the world, yet not found their way to international attention. It’s with great pride that we introduce for the very first time here at Rivenmaster’s Place Sebastián Urdiales.


Sebastián Urdiales Profile Shot

Thirteen Year Old Sebastián Urdiales

 Thirteen year old Sebastián Urdiales is one of the fastest growing young talents to come out of Mexico City, Mexico! Sebastián who is currently in the 7th grade is a talented young singing performer and actor. He comes with an impressive resume and growing list of experiences both on stage, screen and television.

As soon as I stumbled on his YouTube Channel I wrote to his parents for the full story behind Sebastián. I was soon in contact with his amazing family and well on the way to bringing you his story.

Sebastián was born in Mexico City on September 15th,2001 and his family consists of his Mother, Father, and older sister Olivia, who also serves as his best friend.

Since he was very young, he has had a great interest in nature and animals. His favorite hobby was to go out of town to go fishing and camping. For this reason Sebastián has developed a keen awareness of ecology and care for the environment. Sebastián also has personally rescued a number of pets including snakes, hamsters, parrots, cats, canaries, frogs, turtles, fish and dogs.

Sebastián and Sister

Sebastián and his Sister

Since 5 years old he has practiced Taekwondo and attended a number of competitions throughout his country.

In the same sports club where Sebastián practiced Taekwondo, his sister took dance classes, called Latin Rhythms. Sebastián expressed a great interest in what his sister was doing, but was too small to perform the choreography routines. However, due to his insistence to take dance classes, his Dad spoke to the teacher. The dance instructor said she would start up a sample class for a younger child in order to appease him, but when Sebastián surprised the teacher with his ability, she soon enrolled him as a dancer. He was the smallest in the class, but this fact did not seem to faze him in the slightest.

Watch SebastiánHe is the smallest boy down in front in the mask and cape.

… Continue Reading

Christmas Benifit Album

Nathan and Matthew Todd from Glasgow just launched a fund raising album to benefit an international children’s charity.

Christmas Child CD2

Enlisting a group of young artists between the ages of 10-13, a 14-track album called “International Christmas Child” was produced through their social enterprise company, Lux Ventus.

Operation Christmas Child

Watch Operation Christmas Child

Thirteen artists from Brazil, France, Norway, Texas, Illinois, Canada, Australia, Romania, Germany, England and Scotland contributed to the album. While the majority of the artists sing in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Romanian is also featured.


You can also download the digital version on these sites:

Purchase it on ITUNES, AMAZON, GOOGLE PLAY, SPOTIFY (more live links available soon)

In His Promises DVD Sam Santiago

Sam Santiago just announced the release of his new DVD entitled "In His Promises"! Teaming up with Producer Brenda Walsh and the amazing television crew from Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Sam recorded 14 songs for the “Kids Time” Television program this past summer.

The DVD contains the songs, “Amazing Grace”, “As the Deer/I Love You Lord”, “Because He Lives”, “Blessed Assurance”, “Champion of Love”, “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, “How Great Thou Art”, “I Need Thee Every Hour”, “I Surrender All”, “Just a Closer Walk With Thee”, “Old Rugged Cross, “The Lord’s Prayer”, and “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”.

While the DVD is not yet available for digital download it is NOW AVAILABLE by special order directly from Sam's website.

Get your copy today while supply lasts!

flashback-Radio logo


Over the years Rivenmaster's Place has been given permission to use excerpts and full songs from many of the young artists who have graced this site. Since the closing of The SkyKid Radio I have missed hearing many of the early songs from some of these now advanced, well known, and accomplished young artists.

Below is just short selection of some of these songs.

If you are one of these artists and have a song you would like to see added to this list just contact me and submit it for the play list. I will be happy to include it.


Flash Back Radio

Who Do you want to read about?

Yearly Drive Begins Now!


If you like what Rivenmaster does here and wish to see this site continue or just want to help support his efforts to make this blog more productive and successful for the talent that is represented, please use your Pay Pal account or use the following secure ways to donate to this blog!

Rest assured that each and every donation is greatly appreciated and is used to help many of the artists not only with publicity but with donations to their EP and CD Projects!

Tae Brooks Debut EP
'On My Own'

Tae Brooks On My Own EP

On September 9, 2014 the debut EP On My Own by teen artist Tae Brooks was released on iTunes for pre-order leading up to the official release date of September 30, 2014. During pre-order this EP of 5 original songs will be available for $3.99 and will include instant downloads of the previously released single, It’s Always Been You, and the highly anticipated pop power ballad, Lois Lane.

Besides the two songs included in the pre-order instant downloads, this EP also presents the smooth groove of Gotta Be, the gritty call-to-action of The Fire featuring Juke on the rap, and the evocative lament of On Your Own. In addition a bonus digital booklet will accompany the EP including exclusive photos, lyrics, liner notes, and personal thoughts. In his reflections Tae speaks of the challenges of being an independent artist as well as the opportunities that have opened to him through his artistry.

Here are all the links:

Nic Neufeld NBTY AD sm


Watch Nic Neufeld's latest Video from his VEVO Youtube Channel. Nic continues to grow as an amazing young rising vocal artist and pop star! His fan base continues to increase and he as been busy in both studio and on stage with his live performances. Nic was first introduced on this site and almost immediately after his feature article was published he was invited to LA to work with both a film and record producer. Since then he has been traveling back and forth to LA working closely with his team and continuing to grow as an artist. Congratulations Nic on all your amazing success.... Your hard work is paying off!


Reed Deming New EP

Reed Deming Satellites EP

Reed Deming's New EP "Satellites" will be released on 9-9-14, and is available for Pre-Order on iTunes NOW! Reed has given many tiring hours in the studio to produce these songs just for you and very much deserves all of our support! You can also order his new T-Shirt design from HIS WEBSITE.

Congratulations Reed! Rivenmaster's Place is excited for you and proud to continue to support your musical career!


Spencer Kane

Spencer Runway Order CD AD

Spencer's New CD is now ready for purchase from iTunes. Don't miss getting your copy today!


New from Lyric

Lyric Dubee Bridge to Nowhere

With 5 new tunes already recorded and more on the way Lyric’s newest album is shaping up to be his best yet. Lyric’s music labeled Revolution Rock is a unique blend of pop, rock, jazz and blues. The new album is a mix of co-writes and songs he wrote on his own. He partnered up with:

  • Nolan Neal - (ShineDown, Tonic, Fuel, Saliva & Cold)
  • Bobby Amaru - (Saliva, Burn Season, Amaru)
  • Dave Dunlop - (Triumph, Rik Emmett, The Full Nine, Dan McLean Jr)


Black Ice Lyric Dubee Black Ice Video

Lyric Dubee Official Black Ice Video


"I have personally purchased all of Lyric's new songs and have them on my phone and mp3 player. He is truly a young artist who is going to have a long musical career and you won't want to miss your opportunity to have all of his early work in your collection."

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G Rated Webutation

CHILD SAFE SITE pagerank and Worth

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Just Released on On iTunes and Google Play


The Jeans Boys have done it again with a brand new CD entitled “The Most The Most”

This CD consists of 20 songs each one bringing the energy that only these two excitable and rambunctious youngsters can. Naughty , funny and cheerful as the boys themselves , the songs were created in alliance with adults who have not forgotten the music of their childhood.

Regardless of your age, nationality, or even your ability to understand the lyrics which are mostly in Russian you will find yourself tapping your feet and shouting right along with this enchanting young duo. These two really are THE MOST!

You can also find their music on Google Play

For more about Jeans Boys read their first article here and visit:

Griffin Tucker Gotta Get The Girl

CLICK TO BUY "Gotta Get the Girl"

Some young artists capture your attention immediately upon hearing for the first time and others grow on you as they develop. Griffin Tucker does both! From the first video I saw of Griffin I knew that he was going to be a musical force to keep my eye on! His creativity and talent excels with his brand new original single "Gotta Get The Girl"! Please support Griffin by listening to his new masterpiece below, then click the photo above to purchase it for your own collection!

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Norways "Hot" New Boyband
SUITE 16Suite 16 Stupid Love Song

Here they are with their brand new single "Stupid Love Song"! For those of you who follow this site you will recognize one of the members as "Alexandru".

Congratulations Alexandru on your success in being selected to be a part of this FAB 5!

Christmas Video of the Week MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Take2 Let It Snow!!!!


Take2 formerly Blackberry Jam bring us a little Christmas Cheer in their new acoustic version of "Let It Snow"! Many of us are still looking for a white Christmas this year! Hope their Vermont weather is giving them a White one! Merry Christmas Adrian and Julian!

2014 Christmas Spotlight


TJ Prodigy & Tae Brooks

TJ Prodigy Tae Brooks

From the first time I heard these two boys team up I felt that they were magic together.


Daves Highway

Daves Highway Do You Hear What I HearOff their new CD for Christmas for 2014 Daves Highway once again blesses us with Joyous Harmony!


Alexandru & Martine

Martine and AlexandruNew from Norway's Alexandru Grindvoll and Martine Singer and included on "The Christmas Child Project CD" Here is their Christmas offering entitled "My Song For You".


Beamer Wigley

Beamer Wigley Christmas VillageCanadian Actor/Singer/Songwriter Extraordinaire, Beamer Wigley gives us something to smile about with his Christmas song called "Christmas Village"!


Martine Singer

Martine First NoelMaritine Singer while new to this site this year, is coming on strong as a young female vocalist. Enjoy her rendition of "The First Noel"! Merry Christmas Martine!


Holly Banner

Take2 End of Night cover

After over 2 years of working on their collection of upbeat originals and crooning love ballads, singer-songwriter duo Adrian Chirtea and Julian Woodrow announce the release of the autographed copy of their debut album

End of the Night

Blackberry Jam, NOW CALLED " TAKE 2" made their name change just prior to their last article here.

Rivenmaster is especially proud to recommend and promote Take2's music and you can rest assured Adrain & Julian will continue to be included on this site in updates and in special feature articles.

This long awaited collection of originals will be a true collectors item especially in the Autographed copy version. However if you want the digital version:

Order Today from iTunes!

Holly Corner Left


Dalton Cyr A New Day

It's a NEW DAY and Dalton just announced that his new CD will be available just in time for Christmas! If you want to get one under your tree you can.


Dalton is an amazing young creative artist who writes his own music, helps in the production process, and has become a real teen idol performing all around the US. This is Dalton's second CD project with one previous gem already available on iTunes along with his EP and singles.

Dalton Cyr is Cyriously one of the fastest growing, upcoming young artists currently making waves in the entertainment industry.

MattyB-John-Robert Rimel

Matty B has always impressed since his first appearance on the web! He had a very early article published to which I read with great interest. While I visit the Atlanta area often, I have not been able to chase him down for an article. In spite of that, he he has been featured here numerous times in the Video of the Week column. Today Matty B released his brand new original single "I Just Wanna Love You" where he teamed up with my good friend John-Robert Rimel who has been featured here and whom I was privileged to meet in person this past summer.

Be sure to support both the boys in their recent single project by:

Purchasing It On iTunes

Sheridan Archbold

Vote For Sheridan Archbold

Vote For Sheridan Archbold

Sheridan Archbold is an amazing young man with an extraordinary talent! Sheridan along with other artists are looking for your vote on a website called ArtistSignal. You can vote for Sheridan every hour or at least once a day by using This Link or the one in the photo above.

Once at their website, simply sign using your Facebook Account and then hit the big GREEN VOTE BUTTON on their site!

Cameron Molloy Debut EP

Cameron Molloy EP

Rising Young Recording Artist Cameron Molloy just released his debut EP with 5 amazing hit singles. Rivenmaster's Place was delighted to feature Cameron here this past January and now only a few months later his first ever EP hits the online store shelves just for you.

Without hesitation, I immediately downloaded his new EP knowing that I was going to be in for a real treat. Of course I had already heard some of his songs, but this new 5 song collection was one I just had to have. Get your own copy by visiting iTunes or CD Baby

You can also purchase physical CD's on the CD Baby Site so be sure to check that out before you make your final decision.

As a third option you can listen to the full song on ReverbNation below and then show him your support by paying for the downloaded versions using one of these links.

John Robert on Ellen

John Robert Rimel
appeared on Ellen
Monday, March 31st
Watch The Performance Below

Great opportunities are opening up for 13 year old John-Robert Rimel of the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. John-Robert is a Member of the All County District Choir, All State Virginia Middle School Choir, High School Concert Choir and Middle School Select Concert Choir. He is a Cast Member of the Shenandoah Jamboree Show starring Ben Cooter Jones of the "Dukes of Hazzard Show". John-Robert has recently made a visit to LA to perform on the very popular Ellen DeGeneres Show.

John Robert on Ellen

Watch John-Robert Perform "Broken Road"

Also, made a trip to Nashville to meet with Producers who are interested in working with this youngster. Dreams really do come true when you are born with a God Given Talent. Stay tuned, More to come! In the mean time Check out his

Aj Silva Musical Prodigy!

Aj Silva Christmas 2012

On December 12th, 2010, I introduced Aj Silva here on Rivenmaster's Place! Ajsil continues to pump out extraordinary videos that more than demonstrates his amazing singing abilities. I have no doubt that Anthony will not only continue to improve as a young artist but will be noticed very soon by a producer who will take him under their wings. Aj Silva has a personality that extends far beyond what you see on his videos. His natural ability to shine on the camera and show expression as he sings also makes him a candidate for the film industry.

If you would like to know more about Aj Silva you can visit his websites:

Aj Silva CDBe sure to visit his Domain site and subscribe for special give always and other special content. You can also purchase his new Single Cover of Justin Biebers "As Long As You Love Me" on iTunes. Use the jacket cover located to the left to go there now!

Thanks for supporting Aj Silva

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Alex B Presents his latest music video called “Still In Love”


Alex B Alex B creates another music video like only he can do using his charm, warm and enchanting smiles, and extremely talented vocals.

Still In LoveAlex was introduced two years ago almost to the date on this site and has been featured a number of times in the sidebars with updates. His "Roller Coaster" video was featured for several months on this same banner and his new video will probably enjoy this same prestigious honor.

Alex is an amazing young man with an extreme amount of musical talent and Rivenmaster's Place is proud to continue to both support him and promote his music!

Be sure to watch the video then follow the links to his social media sites and support him with your subscriptions and purchases of his music.