JOHN-ROBERT – Virginian Vocalist Extraordinaire”>

Twelve year old John-Robert Lee Rimel is a rising singer/performer from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He currently attends Middle School and is in the 7th Grade. John-Robert sings in the school chorus where he was selected for the All District Middle School Choir and was also selected through a …

Dalton Cyr Seriously Skillful Songwriter/Performer”>

“A Prodigy in the truest sense of the word…” – Rick Stevenson, Director of Prodigy Camp Following in the footsteps of artists like John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Dalton Cyr is “self-made.” Lennon and McCartney would sit in their bedroom and write songs and believed in getting as many hours …

Sam Santiago Featured on Maury’s Future Stars 2013”>

“You can sing kid!” – “Maury Povich”     Ten year old Singing Sensation, Sam Santiago  from Irvine California, was awarded with a series of claps, applauds, and jubilees throughout his rendition of Bruno Mars’ number one hit single, “When I Was Your Man”, on the popular Maury Povich Show last …

Lyric Dubee Canada’s Next Big Rock/Pop Artist”>

Lyric Dubee was first introduced here last year in July! Since then he has been busy with concerts, live appearances and showcasing his talents at a variety of venues in Toronto and throughout Canada! Lyric has already attained some monumental pinnacles in his career.  This young Indi artist is not …

Recent Articles:

Esteban and Diego – French Flamenco cousins!

Every now and then there comes a musical act that slowly draws you in until you find yourself hooked. Even more rarely, comes an act like the French duo “Esteban and Diego” that grabs you by both hands and starts dancing the passo doblo with you! 

“It feels like we were designed to play together so it explodes on stage!” – Esteban

 I first encountered Esteban and Diego when looking for musical contributions to the International Christmas Child charity album. If I were to summarise these boys in one word it would have to be ‘energy’. All the exuberant, cheeky, humour so characteristic of young boys, but also the energy apparent in their dedication to their music and in their commitment to each other.

The Story Begins 

Esteban and Diego’s mothers are sisters and as close as sisters can be, so it was natural that the young cousins began playing together from an early age.

Esteban y Diego - friendsDuring a New Year celebration, the family discovered with amazement that Esteban had an incredible talent for singing. Diego was already a gifted guitarist and, since they were inseparable, the duo was born! 

“I started taking lessons at age 9, and a year later, Esteban started learning. Because our mothers are so close, we are always together. So it is natural that we started playing together.” Diego

They take guitar lessons from Manu who is a guitar teacher of the association “El Hogar de los Españoles” in La Plaine Saint Denis, near Paris. Hence, you will hear a distinctly Spanish, Flamenco flavour to their music and may see them referred to either as “Esteban y Diego” (Spanish) or “Esteban et Diego” (French) or indeed, since I am writing in English, I will refer to them as “Esteban and Diego” to avoid confusion!

2011-10-12 Ils font l'ouverture d'un festival en direct sur une grande radio françaiseA Duo is Born

In December 2009, they played for the first time as “Esteban and Diego” to an association for the mayor of the 19th in Paris. Soon after, they were performing various concerts in Paris and its suburbs.

October 12, 2011, they opened the French live music festival “Cities of World Music.” On 09 November 2011, they performed on the show “France has got Talent”. Performance requests began pouring in from all over France and the young musicians continued to grow their fan base at home and abroad. 

The Journey continues…

Following their TV appearances, they were noticed by Marie Jo Audouard of the production company “Be my sound: Hope records.” Soon Esteban and Diego had released their first single “Cuando Bailas” which was composed and performed by the boys. The track is available for download on several internet platforms (Deezer, Amazon etc …). 

Cuando BailasRémi Castillo – radio host, journalist and producer – also has a heart for this little duo. After hearing their single “Cuando Bailas” he decided to delight the boys by helping them make a music video for their song. Today, Rémi Castillo guides them and helps them grow. In May 2013, he released a book “The Epic of Young Talents” in which he speaks of them. 

Esteban and Diego have since had numerous TV appearances including “The Voice kids” in September 2014 and a program called “Gulli” in October 2014.

An incredible story of loyalty

“We know each other so well. We share everything together, in private as well as on stage. We cannot imagine our music without each other.” – Diego

You Raise Me UpAs well as being incredibly talented and entertaining, Esteban and Diego have a special quality which sets them apart from many other groups of their age: they are completely committed to each other. This is not difficult while success remains limited and neither party has much to lose, but for the friendship to survive at the dizzying heights that Esteban and Diego have reached proves that the bond they share is very powerful. 

“Diego is like my big brother. Sometimes we fight a bit, but in the music we are always united.” – Esteban

I know the boys and their families will not mind me sharing a fairly personal story of when this loyalty was truly put to the test. 

2012-01-00 Britain's got talentEsteban and Diego travelled to England to audition for “Britain’s Got Talent” a few years ago. This was before their numerous television appearances so, no doubt, it was a big deal for them. The producers liked what they saw and heard. A lot. But there was one condition: Esteban and Diego would have to separate as the producers were not interested in promoting a duo.

The boys made their decision quickly and unanimously. They picked up their guitars and went home to France! They were “Esteban and Diego” not “Esteban or Diego”!

It is such a delight to see the success the boys are enjoying now. Not only in France but, increasingly, all over the world. It is an honour to be able to feature them here and wish them every success for an exciting future, fuelled by the energy that only Esteban and Diego can give!

“When we began to see that people liked what we were doing, we were amazed. Even today we are surprised every time people take notice of us.” – Esteban

Happy Cousins

“We do not know where this will lead us – we thought it would stop after our first TV appearance – but it’s been more than 3 years and the adventure continues! Thank you to all those who make it possible.” – Diego

Stay up to date with all their news and find links to all their social media on their website:

Rivenmaster Passing The Torch

March 20, 2015 Featured Comments Off

 passing the torch

Rod Johnson aka Rivenmaster

Rod Johnson aka Rivenmaster

It’s been nearly six years that Rod Johnson aka Rivenmaster has been promoting young talent on this website and during this time the site has grown exponentially. Over 130 young artists have graced the pages here some being featured on a variety of occasions and numerous times. 

During this time period Rivenmaster’s Place has reached every habitable continent and provided opportunities for young musical prodigies to be featured for the very first time on a platform extending into the entertainment industry. In addition to helping introduce these talented youngsters to other talent scouts and producers, the site has also been instrumental in recommending some of these musical prodigies for scholarships and helped put them in contact with both television and radio producers. 

Author and owner Rod Johnson, aka Rivenmaster has decided to step down from the ownership of Rivenmaster’s Place and will soon be passing all ownership and managerial rights to Matthew Todd, an exceptionally qualified and dedicated young professional author, teacher, and vocal artist. 

While Rod plans to stay on as an author and will still submit occasional publications, the sole responsibility and all managerial duties will belong to the new owner, Author Matthew Todd. 

“I’m very excited about this”, said Rod Johnson. “Rivenmaster’s Place has needed an infusion of new blood with fresh ideas and the time and energy to take it to the next level. We need a new look with a new platform that can reach all forms of new technology. For the longest time we have needed to change the site so it will work better on Smart Phones and Tablets in addition to still function well on laptops, and desktop computers. Matthew Todd is not only a proven author with the ability to inspire youth in music as a teacher, but already has a team to help him accomplish many of the things that I have been desiring to do with the site for some time. I’m very anxious to see what they have in store for the future of this website.” 

While all the plans are not yet ready to announce, over the next month or so Matthew will begin announcing a name change and start revealing some of his vision for the future of the site. 

You should not be alarmed with any of this as the site is only going to become bigger and better than ever with all of the past articles following the move to its new location on the web. Eventually, the site will have a new layout and possess the potential to reach more readers and subscribers than ever before. 

You can still follow Rod on:


About the New Owner/Author 

Matthew Todd Whtbg300

Matthew Todd


Matthew Todd was born in Scotland in 1988 into a large musical family. He has been performing and singing for as long as he can remember, along with his four brothers and two sisters. Music was always an escape and a passion in the Todd family but Matthew knew that, for him, it was going to be even more important.  

Growing up in the remote Highlands of Scotland, it was a real challenge to gain the essential foundation and experience for a career in music. Throughout his school career, Matthew was systematically bullied and discouraged and music became an invaluable solace through this difficult time. However, he persevered with his dream and, after completing his vocal studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Matthew began a varied and exciting musical career as a tenor soloist, choral conductor, composer, community musician, teacher and music therapist. 

Due to his own childhood, Matthew has a deep concern for young people and their struggles and challenges. Drawing from his own experience and extensive voluntary youth work, Matthew has created many pieces of art and literature with a particular emphasis on the power of children to make a difference to the world. These include an historical novel for children – ‘For the King’ – numerous songs, poems and short stories, and a choral drama – ‘Such is the Kingdom’ – which was premiered in Glasgow Cathedral in 2013. More recently, he has been involved in the production and scoring of films through ‘Fellowship Film’, a small film company which he co-manages with two of his brothers and two of his cousins. 

It has been a delight for Matthew to introduce and manage the Gaitway Brothers. After a tragic event in the boys’ lives, Matthew saw their musical and acting potential and began mentoring the twins when they were just 10 years old. Now, the boys have about a dozen music videos (including the award-winning ‘Còmhla Riut-sa’), an album, many single tracks and thousands of fans. Their acting and vocals also feature in a ‘Fellowship Film’ production: ‘The Fable of Forsaken’. 

It is Matthew’s passion to help as many young people as possible achieve their dreams and to encourage them to make a difference to the world.      




More about Matthew Todd
New Owner/Admin of 

New Look, New Voice, New Music, New Zealand’s Sam Verlinden

March 6, 2015 Featured, Sam Verlinden, Young Male Artists M-Z Comments Off


“Music has always been me. There was never one defining moment that I thought “I think I might like to be an artist” … it has been in my veins from day one.”             Sam V 

Sam Verlinden Profile Photo 2015

Sam V (Verlinden)

It has been almost two years since we have turned the spotlight on for New Zealand’s Star Vocalist Sam Verlinden. This is why we are happy to be bringing Sam back into focus especially at this time with the launch of his Brand New Original Song and New Music Video.

Sam V 2015

Sam V

Quite a lot has happened over the past couple of years with Sam and his musical career with the most notable being his more mature vocal sound and original single releases.

Gone forever is his lovely high range where he could belt out covers of Beyonce and other great female artists. It is now replaced with a rich lower register, which opened the door for Sam to try many new genres, including the world of classic croon.

Sam V 2 2015

Sam strikes a pose for us!

This new voice and sound help launch Sam into his school bands and orchestra at his High School. Following a standing ovation he received at one school performance of Mac the Knife – he became fondly known as Sammy Sinatra or Sammy Buble by many of the teachers, students and other student families. Having followed Sam closely over the years, I always knew that his vocals would someday rock the entertainment industry. However, he totally blew me away with his rendition of

Mack the Knife

with his High School Orchestra backing him up!

Sam was also given the role of his School Senior Cantor, which involved leading mass and a wonderful introduction into classic gospel and hymns. In addition he was given the role of Senior Choir Coordinator, leading the school choir time.

All of this musical involvement at his High School enabled him to mould gently into his new vocal range which now ranges strongly from tenor to baritone.

He also decided to audition in the School Production in 2014, and was delighted to get the lead role of Bobby Strong in Urinetown. He really enjoyed this experience and he auditioned once again for this year’s Musical ‘Pippin’, and again – landed the lead role of Pippin, which will come to the stage in July 2015.

Sam is not only musically gifted and talented; he has also been excelling academically, achieving top marks in the school for Music and Global Perspectives the last 2 years in a row.

Sam V What You've DoneOutside of school, Sam has also been incredibly busy.  

He has been working with an incredible Producer Vince Harder (Harder Music Group) who is currently based in Australia. Together they have created several new tracks, with one of them (What You’ve Done) already winning funding from NZ On Air – for production and release of a music video. The music video was filmed 2 weeks ago and it is targeted for release in March 2015. 

Use both the photo (left), and text links to purchased Sam’s new single from either iTunes or UK.   Listen to and Like it on the NZ On Air Sound Cloud Site!


Here is Sam’s Brand New Music Video

What You've Done Sam V“What You’ve Done”


Sam Verlinden Pop Star

Sam Verlinden Pop Star

They have mixed and mastered another 4 tracks, with the hope of releasing an EP later this year.

The experience of working with such a top quality Producer has helped launch Sam into the local New Zealand music industry, where is he continues to gain a solid reputation for being a very talented and credible artist in his own home country.


2015 will continue to be busy for Sam as he prepares for his final year in High School, establishing himself into his leadership Prefect roles and launching his upcoming single, music video and EP.

Sam V 3 2015

Sam V

He has a Music Tour to Europe scheduled in April, where a group of 20 students will visit Rome, Croatia, Austria and other countries sharing their music.

Later in the year a smaller group of 15 students will travel to Rarotonga, Cook Islands to perform in their celebrations of 50 years of independence. This will be very special for Sam as his grandmother is from Rarotonga and he holds a great affinity with the small Pacific Country.

I must admit that having Sam be a part of this website since its conception has been a real honour and privilege. Observing his development and growth both as a young artist and young man has been a special joy and rewarding experience. There has never been a doubt in my mind that Sam Verlinden is headed for greatness and I look forward to many years of great music, concert performances, stage plays, and even Broadway in his future.

In closing Sam asked me to publish the following which we are humbled to do. Since Sam was one of the very first to ever be published on this website I have given Sam the honor of leaving a hint regarding some changes that are in the works for this website which continues to grow and expand in amazing ways to the benefit of many young musicians, aspiring actors, stage performers and vocalists.



“I’ve never taken anything for granted – and as every new door has opened for me, or when every new opportunity arises, I’m always surprised and sometimes overwhelmed – but always really grateful when people enjoy what I do.

I’m still learning and developing – and have been really lucky to work with some incredibly talented and supportive people that I’ll always be so grateful for. I think that’s the key to this thing – to make sure you surround yourself with people who have walked the road before you, people you can trust and people with the best work ethic. Then whatever happens, you’ll be ok.

I’m incredibly grateful for all the support I have received from Rivenmaster and from all the supporters and readers of the Rivenmaster websites in addition to the fellow artists Rivenmaster features on his pages – several of whom I have made friends with.”

I would like to thank Rod from Rivenmaster for everything he has done for all the young artists he has featured on his site over the last few years. I have met so many new friends and supporters from all around the world as a result and have been able to glean much from the good advice and support they have provided on the site.   In addition, I wish the very best to the new team who will be taking over the reins during the next few months”.    

Thank you again Rivenmaster for the unconditional support from the start – and I know I speak for all the young artists when I say WE are lucky to have had such a supportive and safe place as Rivenmaster’s Place to launch our music careers. Blessings!

Sam Verlinden

For More About Sam V visit:


Side note* will soon acquire a New Name, New Domain, New Team and New Ownership. will soon be transferring ownership to a brand new team who will be taking this site to even greater heights and deeper depths of promotion of young artists from all over the world. The full article about this expansion and growth will be made public on March 20th. Fear not! Rivenmaster “Rod Johnson” is not going anywhere. He will continue to support and publish occasional articles to this website.  We are confident that this site can do nothing but become even more successful in helping the youth of today become the stars of tomorrow. Be watching on March 20th for this very special article detailing this transition.

“KRUSH” – Florida’s Rockin Pre-teen Boy Band

Krush Pirate Fest-62 LiveMeet KRUSH!

It all began in December of 2013 when the parents of young guitar prodigy Nicholas Rothschild became frustrated with trying to find better musicians to play with their exceptionally talented son Nicky. Handpicking each member of the band now called KRUSH, Brad Rothschild and his wife Laurie brought together this group of young preteen boys developing them into what can only be described as a young Rock Band destined for greatness!

Rehearsing weekly at DC Rehearsal Studios these child musical prodigies continue to grow as professional musicians and performers. Each performance only gets better and the KRUSH fan base is quickly expanding from pre-teen admirers to industry professionals. They are capturing the attention of both local and major media and quickly making a name for themselves as the next generation of rock.

KRUSH with Tony Bongiovi and Ron Alexenburg

KRUSH with Tony Bongiovi and Rob Roy

Currently the boys are working on a weekly Saturday morning show that is slated for network television with producer Tony Bongiovi creator of legendary PowerStation Studios and former VP of Epic Records, Ron Alexenburg known for his work with Michael Jackson.  The band will be the characters, voice overs and the touring band on this project once it airs.  Krush just won 2015 ALS JAM FOR THE CURE: Battle of the Bands and their lead singer is the winner of 2014 Boca’s Got Talent. In addition they were just named the Judges Choice Winners in The Deerfield Beach Founding Father’s Day Parade. Since their first gig in June 2014 they have opened for some bigger names including Melissa Etheridge, Montgomery Gentry, Smash Mouth, and Heffron Drive and are playing the festival circuit as well. Ranging in ages 10-12 the boys have gained an unbelievable amount of attention in a very short time (8 months). 

The Boys in the Band:

“Music is my Passion. If you have a dream, follow it and your dream will come true just like mine.”  Ben Meller

Ben Meller

Ben Meller

Ben Meller  is the 10 year old lead singer for the band Krush and is from Boynton Beach, Florida. Ben has a smooth yet powerful voice that is rich and distinctive. Ben has a sweet soul and an incredible feel for music, as young as 3 years old Ben would hear a song and begin to emote the feelings that song would bring. Ben has music in his blood. 

Ben is an honor roll student at Unity School. He is in the elementary chorus, plays the alto sax in school band and is also JoJo in the Unity Production of Suessical Jr.

Ben started vocal coaching in April 2014 with Mike Soper Music in Wellington and has recently become a featured MSM Artist. He entered his first ever talent contest in June of 2014 and took first place in Boca’s Got Talent 2014. He was also one of ten vocalists chosen as the 2014 AT&T Young Stars of South Florida.  

A few of his favorite bands are Guns N Roses, Queen, Zeppelin, ACDC, American Authors and My Chemical Romance.

Ben’s dream is to continue with the band, tour the world, and to one day star in a Broadway musical. A boy this talented is sure to keep making waves. 


“I like playing because I get to inspire people in the crowd.” Nicky Rothschild

Nicholas Rothschild

Nicholas Rothschild


Nicholas Rothschild is the 10 year old lead guitarist for the band Krush and is from Boca Raton, FL. Nicky has been called a prodigy when it comes to playing the guitar and to watch him leaves you spellbound. 

From the tender age of 6, this rocker has been honing his skills for the world stage. Emulating his favorite rockers, Eddie Van Halen, Jason Becker and Yngwie Malmsteen, Nicky does not just admire them, he strives, hours per day, to become them.

When you speak with Nicky for the first time, you are drawn in by his angelic face and sweet brown eyes, never knowing the secret he keeps.  When you see Nick play his guitar for the first time, you will be left in shock at his gutsy maneuvering and uncanny talent that many adults cannot boast.

Nicky began performing at the age of 7 with the School of Rock under Yazmani Velasquez, who has helped him become the performer he is today. This is where Nicky met the rest of his Krush bandmates and was just named to the School of Rock house band, the youngest performer ever to earn that honor.

He dreams of attending the Berklee School of Music, and making it big with his friends. When you ask Nicky, “Why do you love playing guitar so much?” he kindly responds,

“I love to make people happy,”   




“All I ever want to do in my life is to have fun with my friends, play music with my friends and most importantly, have fun!”  Sam North

Samuel North

Samuel North


Samuel North is the 12 year old bass player and back ground vocalist for the band Krush and is from West Palm Beach, Florida. Swaying to a rhythm all his own, Sam has the uncanny ability to lay down the beat and help keep his team on time. 

When Sam was 3 years old he begged for a violin for Christmas but he ended up strumming it more than bowing it. At the age of 7 he began singing and playing the ukulele as his instrument of choice. He walked in to Havana Hideout to play an open mic, alone, at 9 years old.  He parents knew he needed more.

Sam began at the School of Rock in 2012 where he met his band mate Nicky. They became fast friends and have been playing together ever since. In 2014 Sam began vocal coaching with Mike Soper Music in Wellington, Florida, and is also under the tutelage of Mike Waknine, bassist of “County Line Road.”

Although rock is the genre of choice for Krush, Sam loves all types of music. From Bon Jovi to Jason Mraz, Metallica to Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and Skrillex, he will sing it, guitar it, bass it, and ukulele it to his heart’s content.  He has even begun composing music for video games.

Sam dreams of becoming famous with this band, making music, having fun, and buying his mom and dad a home in Hawaii.




“My Dad took me to a Motley Crüe concert and I saw Tommy Lee playing and it inspired me.” Tristan Yeager

Tristan Yeager

Tristan Yeager


Tristan Yeager is the 11 year old drummer for the band Krush and is from Greenacres, Florida. This hard hitting talent will leave you mesmerized and delighted as you watch him lead his band to rock history. 

There is no doubt that Tommy Lee is Tristan’s idol, and he works hard to emulate Tommy’s style with his drum coach and mentor Alex Mandel from the School of Rock. But drumming isn’t the only thing up his sleeve.

Tristan also enjoys singing, plays bass, and writes music all the while keeping his grades up in school and being in his school band. Smart as a whip, this multi-talented kid with the big personality will leave you cheering for more.

Tristan hopes to follow in his big sister, Gianna Mascaro’s footsteps, and attend Dreyfoos School of the Arts. As well as, eventually, attend the Berklee School of Music like his band coach and “big brother”, Dylan Fernandez. 

Most recently, Tristan was named to the School of Rock house band with his Krush bandmate, Nicky. 

His favorite bands are Motley Crüe, Primus, Emerson lake and Palmer and Yes.






These amazing kids play classic rock at a high level and are serious musicians who study music daily. The band is referenced as having the “Holy Crap Factor”. People hear their songs come around the corner and then see kids killing Van Halen, Zeppelin, AC/DC among other greats note for note. To see more photos and videos of their past performances be sure you check out all their social media links at the end of this article.

CBS 12 KRUSHWatch KRUSH on TV 12 News

After their first show in June of 2014, the four young musicians were featured on a CBS special called “Extraordinary People”. 

These boys are more than just musical prodigies with amazing musical and performance talent. They are also very involved with charity work having done a number of fund raising events over the last several months. The boys feel it is important to give back to their community whenever possible.   This started over the summer when KRUSH played their first benefit show for the Boca YMCA.  KRUSH held a benefit concert in conjunction with Feeding South Florida on November 1st to raise money, canned goods and awareness.


KRUSH 2015

KRUSH Left to Right
Samuel North, Ben Meller, Nicholas Rothschild, & Tristan Yeager


On December 13th the boys played another charity concert for shooting victim Lyndsey Cooper, raising money for her facial reconstruction surgery.  Also in December KRUSH and County Line Road started their first annual Chords of Hope Charity Toy Drive and concert.  Collecting toys, gift cards and money that were donated to children undergoing treatment at St. Mary’s Hospital and the Quantum House.  The boys spent Christmas Eve day delivering gifts to the children at The Quantum House, talking with them, decorating cookies and making holiday crafts.


Communication Break Down KRUSHWatch KRUSH perform “Led Zeppelin’s”
“Communication Breakdown”

In addition, the boys decided to enter the Jam for the Cure, Battle of the Bands for ALS.  Since famed guitarist Jason Becker is fighting this terrible illness and he is one of Nicky’s idols…the boys wanted to enter to help bring more awareness to the disease.  In the end, KRUSH took home the big win of $1000.00 along with their very own show at Jazziz in Boca.

Breaking the law of averages for young bands making it big in the industry, KRUSH continues to gain momentum KRUSHING IT at every live performance adding to their growing number of fans and supporters. This is one group that is destined to become a household name so get on their fan-base bus now and get ready for the ride of your life.


To learn more about KRUSH visit:

Sam Hurwitz East Coast Musical Wiz Kid

February 5, 2015 Featured, Sam Hurwitz, Young Male Artists M-Z Comments Off

 “In my world, everything’s a song”          Sam Hurwitz

Sam Hurwitz Profile Photo

Sam Hurwitz

Sam Hurwitz is an 11 year old singer–songwriter who plays guitar and piano, and has been singing, strumming and writing songs since the age of two.  

Sam Hurwitz 3 years old

Three Year Old Sam Hurwitz


When Sam was a baby, he seemed to always gravitate towards the toy musical instruments that were in his playroom.  Sam started strumming the guitar and singing and while it would seem that he was singing random words, his parents began to notice that he would strum and sing the same words in the same tune. Thus his first songs (albeit one line songs), “Give me a Garbon” and “Bop a Doo”, were born! 

His mother shared that there was always music playing in their home so it’s clear that Sam was influenced by the type of music that their family listened to.  As early as 2 1/2 years old, Sam could be found strumming and singing along with his favorite band “Wilco”.  In addition to listening to Wilco, Sam’s early music exposure included the alt country bands “Son Volt” and “Uncle Tupelo”, as well as the “Avett Brothers”. 

Watch Sam at 2 years old

At age 6, Sam began taking guitar lessons with Marc Jacoby, a preschool music teacher and member of the bands “Grateful Bro” and “Rockmitzvah”.  Sam’s earliest songs were written before he could actually play guitar and Sam would sing the tune and Marc would take that tune and lay the chords out for Sam.   Sam’s first “real” song, We’re Gonna Get Wet, was written that year.  His current version of  “We’re Gonna Get Wet” is currently listed at number 2 and his song “Maybe Rome” (which you can see below) is listed at number 8 on the independent UK music chart, FabChart

 Sam Hurwitz Were Gonna Get Wet VideoWatch Sam sing his original live!

Unfortunately, Marc had a death in the family and could not continue teaching Sam.  He recommended Cliff Mays, a local guitar teacher and bandmate of Marc’s to take over while Marc was taking some time off. 

Sam continued learning guitar with Cliff and writing new songs.  Cliff has been a tremendous influence on Sam musically – whether it’s learning guitar, being exposed to new music and the history behind the bands, jamming, writing songs and learning a bit about recording software and the loop pedal.   When Sam was 8, he had his first public performance when Cliff invited Sam to participate in a songwriters circle that Cliff hosted monthly. 

Sam and Harrison Hurwitz

Sam with brother Harrison Hurwitz

In the summer of 2012, Sam and his older brother Harrison, who plays the drums and banjo, were a huge hit when they performed their original song Red Sky at a camp talent show.   That fall, they formed their band Amplifier on Fire and attended various open mics.  Sam continued to also perform as a solo act and at 9 years old was the youngest finalist at a talent search for young musicians.   That same year, after an open mic performance at 12 Grapes, a restaurant in Peekskill, NY, Sam was invited back to perform in a singer-songwriter showcase to celebrate the venue’s 5th anniversary. 

Sam Hurwitz working at home

Sam Hurwitz working at home

When Sam was 10, he began studying piano at the Lagond Music School which was founded by Rosanne Lana and Charlie Lagond, who has performed around the world with artists like Chuck Mangione, The Jackson Five, the Temptations, and Kid Creole & the Coconuts.

Sam Hurwitz Piano Player

Sam Hurwitz Piano Player

Sam’s parents explained that they were drawn to Lagond because of its unique approach of teaching contemporary music with the same rigor typically applied to classical training.   Sam hit it off immediately with his piano teacher Rusty Cloud, who has toured with, among others, the E Street Band and the Blues Brothers Band.   Quickly after seeing Lagond’s approach, Sam was enrolled there to study guitar with Nicky Barbato, and has recently begun voice training with Claire Cloud.  In addition to musical instruction, Sam participates in Lagond’s Band Prep Jam, a program for younger students to learn to work together as a group.  Lagond has been wonderful for Sam, not only improving his technique but exposing him to new genres of music and learning to play with others as part of an ensemble.  

Sam is described as being quiet, shy and reserved and not one to seek out or even like the limelight.  However, his mother shared that Sam seems to be more comfortable on stage recently than he has ever been. He is also described as being mature beyond his years, incredibly thoughtful, empathetic, modest and kind.  

In fact one of his teachers said that he is “the kindest student I have ever had” and he has been called an “old soul” by many people.  

Even Sam’s musical taste is mature – he is not interested in the current pop and rap songs most of his peers listen to and instead prefers Wilco, the Avett Brothers, Uncle Tupelo, Modest Mouse and old classics such as The Beatles, The Eagles, Billy Joel and Pink Floyd.

Maybe RomeSam performs original song “Maybe Rome”

Sam has a catalog of 10 original songs, 8 on guitar and 2 on piano.  At Sam’s first live performance he was asked how he writes his songs.  He answered “they just pop into my head”, and that continues to be the case today.  He will sit at the piano or pick up his guitar and just start playing and singing.  Many times nothing will come from it, but sometimes a song is created. 

Sam has been compared to Bob Dylan, Richie Havens and Steven Stills.  In addition to working on his music, Sam loves to spend time with his friends, play with Legos and the computer game Minecraft.  Sam also loves to read and write.  Sam attends a weekly creative writing class and wrote a screenplay at age 7 and has written several fantasy and science fiction short stories/novellas.   


While this may be Sam’s introductory article here at Rivenmaster’s Place I’m sure it will not be the last we have heard from this young musical prodigy!  The key to success is writing, producing and performing your own originals songs.  That key element alone makes this young artist ahead of the game.  Be sure you subscribe to his YouTube Channel and follow him on Facebook.  You’re going to want to get in on the ground floor of this young man’s legacy because he is without a doubt headed for stardom.


To learn more about Sam Hurwitz visit: 

A look Back

Jojo: rapping to end child poverty

Coming Soon

May 1st

JoJo rapping to end child poverty

JoJo: rapping to end child poverty

"You can make a difference, I know it's true

You can change the world it all starts with you!"

Sposato Brothers show their support for Nepalese girls

"Children who are trapped in the cycle of extreme poverty and limited opportunity nevertheless are encouraged to express themselves honestly, fearlessly, and happily"

Unatti Foundation


Milo and Julian (aka The Sposato Brothers) are once again showing their support for the Unatti Foundation in Nepal. The Unatti Home is running a crowd funding campaign to transform the lives of the girls that it cares for. Click the image above to find out how you can be part of this life-changing work.

Sawyer Fredericks
Voice Collection
Sawyer Fredericks Voice Collection

This will be the link to the ever increasing set of singles for Sawyer Frederick's performances on this years competition of THE VOICE. You can see the list of songs below as they are recorded and released from the show. Please purchase his first album which can also be found by following this link.

SUPPORT SAWYER FREDERICKS and let's cheer him on all the way to the finals!


  1. I’m a Man of Constant Sorrow
  2. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  3. Voice Performance "Collide" Single
  4. Voice Performance "Trouble" Single
  5. Voice Performance "Imagine" Single
  6. Voice Performance "Iris" Single

Sci-fi Musical from the Highlands of Scotland!

Slaves on Planet Bablia!

Slaves on Planet Bablia!

Planet Bablia is a Sci-Fi musical based on the story of Daniel and the fiery furnace.

During the February holidays, 'Out of the Box' ran a Creative Arts week called AMP'D (Acting, Music, Puppets and Dance) in collaboration with Philip Todd (film-maker), Matthew Todd (composer), Kirsten Todd (choreographer) and Nathan Todd (camera). Everything you see and hear in this movie was filmed and recorded during the five days at AMP'D.

Please support these talented young people by clicking on the picture and watching the video. Please follow this link to leave a comment for the kids because as you know comments can go a long way!


Anthony Gargiula just released his brand new original single hit "Barricade". It's now available on both iTunes and CDbaby.

Get your copy today and then go check out his articles here and find out how it all began. Anthony is truly one of the best young male vocalists to come along in the past 5 years and we've been waiting a long time for more recorded music from him. Hang on to your hats ANTHONY IS BACK!

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If you like what Rivenmaster does here and wish to see this site continue or just want to help support his efforts to make this blog more productive and successful for the talent that is represented, please use your Pay Pal account or use the following secure ways to donate to this blog!

Rest assured that each and every donation is greatly appreciated and is used to help many of the artists not only with publicity but with donations to their EP and CD Projects!

Christmas Benifit Album

Nathan and Matthew Todd from Glasgow just launched a fund raising album to benefit an international children’s charity.

Christmas Child CD2

Enlisting a group of young artists between the ages of 10-13, a 14-track album called “International Christmas Child” was produced through their social enterprise company, Lux Ventus.

Operation Christmas Child

Watch Operation Christmas Child

Thirteen artists from Brazil, France, Norway, Texas, Illinois, Canada, Australia, Romania, Germany, England and Scotland contributed to the album. While the majority of the artists sing in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Romanian is also featured.


You can also download the digital version on these sites:

Purchase it on ITUNES, AMAZON, GOOGLE PLAY, SPOTIFY (more live links available soon)


Ever wonder what the ALL TIME TOP TEN most viewed videos on Rivenmaster’s Place is?!


Prodigy Camp Video (Rick Stevenson Director)

Here they are in order of most viewed:

In His Promises DVD Sam Santiago

Sam Santiago just announced the release of his new DVD entitled "In His Promises"! Teaming up with Producer Brenda Walsh and the amazing television crew from Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Sam recorded 14 songs for the “Kids Time” Television program this past summer.

The DVD contains the songs, “Amazing Grace”, “As the Deer/I Love You Lord”, “Because He Lives”, “Blessed Assurance”, “Champion of Love”, “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, “How Great Thou Art”, “I Need Thee Every Hour”, “I Surrender All”, “Just a Closer Walk With Thee”, “Old Rugged Cross, “The Lord’s Prayer”, and “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”.

While the DVD is not yet available for digital download it is NOW AVAILABLE by special order directly from Sam's website.

Get your copy today while supply lasts!

FHR Radio

FHR Radio is an independent licensed online radio station playing today's best country and pop music from National and International Artists. Both major and independent. They are a huge supporter of this site and the artist who are featured here! If you would like your music played on rotation there please contact this site for more information.

CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite young artist!

flashback-Radio logo


Over the years Rivenmaster's Place has been given permission to use excerpts and full songs from many of the young artists who have graced this site. Since the closing of The SkyKid Radio I have missed hearing many of the early songs from some of these now advanced, well known, and accomplished young artists.

Below is just short selection of some of these songs.

If you are one of these artists and have a song you would like to see added to this list just contact me and submit it for the play list. I will be happy to include it.


Flash Back Radio

Tae Brooks Debut EP
'On My Own'

Tae Brooks On My Own EP

On September 9, 2014 the debut EP On My Own by teen artist Tae Brooks was released on iTunes for pre-order leading up to the official release date of September 30, 2014. During pre-order this EP of 5 original songs will be available for $3.99 and will include instant downloads of the previously released single, It’s Always Been You, and the highly anticipated pop power ballad, Lois Lane.

Besides the two songs included in the pre-order instant downloads, this EP also presents the smooth groove of Gotta Be, the gritty call-to-action of The Fire featuring Juke on the rap, and the evocative lament of On Your Own. In addition a bonus digital booklet will accompany the EP including exclusive photos, lyrics, liner notes, and personal thoughts. In his reflections Tae speaks of the challenges of being an independent artist as well as the opportunities that have opened to him through his artistry.

Here are all the links:

Nic Neufeld NBTY AD sm


Watch Nic Neufeld's latest Video from his VEVO Youtube Channel. Nic continues to grow as an amazing young rising vocal artist and pop star! His fan base continues to increase and he as been busy in both studio and on stage with his live performances. Nic was first introduced on this site and almost immediately after his feature article was published he was invited to LA to work with both a film and record producer. Since then he has been traveling back and forth to LA working closely with his team and continuing to grow as an artist. Congratulations Nic on all your amazing success.... Your hard work is paying off!


Reed Deming New EP

Reed Deming Satellites EP

Reed Deming's New EP "Satellites" was released last fall, and is available now on iTunes

Reed gave many tiring hours in the studio to produce these songs just for you and very much deserves all of our support! You can also order his new T-Shirt design from HIS WEBSITE.

Congratulations Reed! Rivenmaster's Place is excited for you and proud to continue to support your musical career!


Spencer Kane

Spencer Runway Order CD AD

Spencer's New CD is now ready for purchase from iTunes. Don't miss getting your copy today!


New from Lyric

Lyric Dubee Bridge to Nowhere

With 5 new tunes already recorded and more on the way Lyric’s newest album is shaping up to be his best yet. Lyric’s music labeled Revolution Rock is a unique blend of pop, rock, jazz and blues. The new album is a mix of co-writes and songs he wrote on his own. He partnered up with:

  • Nolan Neal - (ShineDown, Tonic, Fuel, Saliva & Cold)
  • Bobby Amaru - (Saliva, Burn Season, Amaru)
  • Dave Dunlop - (Triumph, Rik Emmett, The Full Nine, Dan McLean Jr)


Black Ice Lyric Dubee Black Ice Video

Lyric Dubee Official Black Ice Video


"I have personally purchased all of Lyric's new songs and have them on my phone and mp3 player. He is truly a young artist who is going to have a long musical career and you won't want to miss your opportunity to have all of his early work in your collection."

This site powered by:


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Just Released on On iTunes and Google Play


The Jeans Boys have done it again with a brand new CD entitled “The Most The Most”

This CD consists of 20 songs each one bringing the energy that only these two excitable and rambunctious youngsters can. Naughty , funny and cheerful as the boys themselves , the songs were created in alliance with adults who have not forgotten the music of their childhood.

Regardless of your age, nationality, or even your ability to understand the lyrics which are mostly in Russian you will find yourself tapping your feet and shouting right along with this enchanting young duo. These two really are THE MOST!

You can also find their music on Google Play

For more about Jeans Boys read their first article here and visit:

Do you want to be on this playlist?
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G Rated Webutation

CHILD SAFE SITE pagerank and Worth

This website best viewed with FIREFOX 1280 X 800

Aj Silva Musical Prodigy!

Aj Silva Christmas 2012

On December 12th, 2010, I introduced Aj Silva here on Rivenmaster's Place! Ajsil continues to pump out extraordinary videos that more than demonstrates his amazing singing abilities. I have no doubt that Anthony will not only continue to improve as a young artist but will be noticed very soon by a producer who will take him under their wings. Aj Silva has a personality that extends far beyond what you see on his videos. His natural ability to shine on the camera and show expression as he sings also makes him a candidate for the film industry.

If you would like to know more about Aj Silva you can visit his websites:

Aj Silva CDBe sure to visit his Domain site and subscribe for special give always and other special content. You can also purchase his new Single Cover of Justin Biebers "As Long As You Love Me" on iTunes. Use the jacket cover located to the left to go there now!

Thanks for supporting Aj Silva

Who Do you want to read about?

Sawyer Fredericks Can Do This! Watch Support and Vote!

Sawyer Fredericks is on the VOICE

Swyer Fredericks The Voice Audition

How proud we are of Sawyer Fredericks today! Sawyer is sure to be a finalist in this years VOICE competition. This website has been promoting Sawyer since we were first introduced to him by our good friend Bruce Owens from the New York area. We immediately did an introduction for Sawyer on the site. If you haven't read it GO HERE NOW!

Be sure you watch, and support Sawyer throughout this years competition. I must say, it did my heart good to see these professional musicians and singers begging for Sawyer to be a part of their team! GO SAWYER!

Sawyer was just interviewed on WNYT Channel 13. Here is that interview:


Sawyer Advances To

Sawyer Fredericks Top-10-Iris

How Exciting is this. Sawyer not only made it to the TOP 10 on The Voice but now moves on to the TOP 8 with his performance of "IRIS".

Since Sawyer was first introduced on this site we have been following his musical progress and have become even more excited about what we hear and see! We are proud to continue to support Sawyer in his dream to become a full time recording artist. His originality with his music and his unique vocal quality will continue to take him a long way! CONGRATS SAWYER FREDERICKS! Rivenmaster's Place is exceptionally proud of your accomplishments and happy you are moving on in this competition!

Video of the Week Award

music award



Awards go to:


Neil Morison

'Lost' (Official Music Video)

'Lost' (Official Music Video)

Don't miss 'Lost', a stunning debut music video from Scotland's Neil Morrison's. Hopefully, we will be hearing a lot more about Neil in the near future. Watch this space...


Tyler Miller


Thanks to Thomas Beckman, a faithful follower and supporter of this site, I was reintroduced to Tyler Miller Music again. I found Tyler's Facebook a while back and liked it but somehow I was remiss in giving him the attention he so well deserved. Tyler is really quit amazing! His expression and very soul he puts into his music is eloquently demonstrated in his new music video of his ORIGINAL SONG "Back to Me". Wow Tyler! Congratulations on receiving your very first VIDEO OF THE WEEK AWARD from Rivenmaster! I'm sure we will be seeing you again in the near future! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!


Spencer Kain receives NEXT BIG THING AWARD

Spencer Kain receives

Spencer Kane was honored at the Rock & Worship Roadshow with the prestigious award of "THE NEXT BIG THING" in Christian Music.

Spencer has been part of this website since the very beginning of his musical pursuits and we are so proud to continue to support and promote his amazing vocal talent. Of course those of you who know Spencer realize that he is more than just a Christian artist but is an outstanding crossover artist who can sing just about any genre of music.

Spencer is also a very kind individual with a courageous and generous giving personality. Spencer's efforts to help teens in crisis has demonstrated not only his compassionate spirit, but of his desire to have his life and music make a difference in the lives of others. We are truly proud to share this space to tell Spencer Kane just how proud we are of this amazing achievement!



Sheridan Archbold GO FUND ME

Rivenmaster's Place has long been a site for supporting all the efforts of young artists. You will often see ads in the sidebars about their new EP's or CD's as well as Special Recognition Awards given for their achievements and contributions to society by their own actions of selflessness. Occasionally there is a need that kind grabs our attention as one to really get behind and support, however it takes more than a website like this to make it happen. It takes all of you who come here to enjoy the music these young prodigies produce and record. That's why we are asking you to personally support Sheridan on his GO FUND ME PAGE. Sheridan really needs to raise enough money to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Often there is a misunderstanding about these young artists. Many people assume they all come from wealth or Hollywood prosperity... This is not always the case!!! Many of these kids struggle just like you and I with daily life needs while all the time sacrificing even more to obtain their goals which often seem to be just beyond their reach.

Such is this opportunity for Sheridan. Neither he nor his family have asked me to create this write up or make this SPECIAL APPEAL but I know that it would mean the world to him if you would just CLICK ON THIS LINK and DONATE WHAT YOU CAN! It can be as small as $5.00 or as much as $500 or $1,000. Please understand that there is no donation too small or too large to help Sheridan go to Italy to take part in this wonderful adventure of music and learning.


music award


Jordan Bijan Listen to your heart

Jordan Bijan while the youngest to ever be featured here on Rivenmaster's Place has well earned this honor! Little Jordan with the help of his dad creates these videos where he arranges and plays all the instruments to produce his cover songs. I don't know many 6 year olds who can play this many instruments with this much skill. Although he is still growing what I like about Jordan and his Dad's creations is that they do not try to cover up any little imperfections. It's all on display and you can see that Jordan is really talented. No auto-tuning, no dubbing over mistakes just a skillful presentation of the different takes of the song.

Note Jordan is even harmonizing with himself.... Now this is something special and I know of only one other little artist that has ever accomplished this with great success. I'm proud of you Jordan and you deserve this VIDEO OF THE WEEK AWARD!


Jai Waetford Shy

With over 54 Thousand Views in less than one day Jai Waetford's new music video for "Shy" his hit title song on his new EP is skyrocketing to success.

This is going to be a must buy album from Jai who has had it up on iTunes as a preorder for several weeks now.

Jai gained his fame from X-factor Australia back in 2013 with his outstanding audition of his original song "Don't Let Me Go" which brought the judges to tears. Unlike some who appear as contestants on the reality contest shows, Jai is going to be one with a lot of longevity.

I wrote an article a couple of years back about the ones that got away from this site by either receiving instant stardom or beginning their musical career before this website was born. Jai is one of those young artists who we knew little about until his now famous audition. Regardless Rivenmaster's Place wanted to pay honor to Jai here for his hard work and great production team support for what they have accomplished since his X-Factor experience!

Congrats Jai on your new song and on what is going to be an awesome EP release!


Special Spotlight!

This website couldn't be prouder having been one of the very first to introduce John-Robert to the world through an exclusive introductory article.

Since that time John_Robert has appeared on Ellen Twice and performed at a number of special events. Be sure to click on his photo on the banner above to read that article and visit all of his social media sites.



Lips Are Movin

Vichy Ratey is one of the best producers of videos for young talent that I have seen. He has a real knack for catching the boys personalities along with bringing great music and outstanding videography!
Hats off to the Boys Mike Singer, Abhinav Singh, Lukas Rieger, Kenrah and to Producer Vichy Ratey!

Norways "Hot" New Boyband
SUITE 16Suite 16 Stupid Love Song

Here they are with their brand new single "Stupid Love Song"! For those of you who follow this site you will recognize one of the members as "Alexandru".

Congratulations Alexandru on your success in being selected to be a part of this FAB 5!

Dalton Cyr A New Day

It's a NEW DAY and Dalton just announced that his new CD will be available just in time for Christmas! If you want to get one under your tree you can.


Dalton is an amazing young creative artist who writes his own music, helps in the production process, and has become a real teen idol performing all around the US. This is Dalton's second CD project with one previous gem already available on iTunes along with his EP and singles.

Dalton Cyr is Cyriously one of the fastest growing, upcoming young artists currently making waves in the entertainment industry.

MattyB-John-Robert Rimel

Matty B has always impressed since his first appearance on the web! He had a very early article published to which I read with great interest. While I visit the Atlanta area often, I have not been able to chase him down for an article. In spite of that, he he has been featured here numerous times in the Video of the Week column. Today Matty B released his brand new original single "I Just Wanna Love You" where he teamed up with my good friend John-Robert Rimel who has been featured here and whom I was privileged to meet in person this past summer.

Be sure to support both the boys in their recent single project by:

Purchasing It On iTunes

Take2 End of Night cover

After over 2 years of working on their collection of upbeat originals and crooning love ballads, singer-songwriter duo Adrian Chirtea and Julian Woodrow announce the release of the autographed copy of their debut album

End of the Night

Blackberry Jam, NOW CALLED " TAKE 2" made their name change just prior to their last article here.

Rivenmaster is especially proud to recommend and promote Take2's music and you can rest assured Adrain & Julian will continue to be included on this site in updates and in special feature articles.

This long awaited collection of originals will be a true collectors item especially in the Autographed copy version. However if you want the digital version:

Order Today from iTunes!

Sheridan Archbold

Vote For Sheridan Archbold

Vote For Sheridan Archbold

Sheridan Archbold is an amazing young man with an extraordinary talent! Sheridan along with other artists are looking for your vote on a website called ArtistSignal. You can vote for Sheridan every hour or at least once a day by using This Link or the one in the photo above.

Once at their website, simply sign using your Facebook Account and then hit the big GREEN VOTE BUTTON on their site!

Cameron Molloy Debut EP

Cameron Molloy EP

Rising Young Recording Artist Cameron Molloy just released his debut EP with 5 amazing hit singles. Rivenmaster's Place was delighted to feature Cameron here this past January and now only a few months later his first ever EP hits the online store shelves just for you.

Without hesitation, I immediately downloaded his new EP knowing that I was going to be in for a real treat. Of course I had already heard some of his songs, but this new 5 song collection was one I just had to have. Get your own copy by visiting iTunes or CD Baby

You can also purchase physical CD's on the CD Baby Site so be sure to check that out before you make your final decision.

As a third option you can listen to the full song on ReverbNation below and then show him your support by paying for the downloaded versions using one of these links.

John Robert on Ellen

John Robert Rimel
appeared on Ellen
Monday, March 31st
Watch The Performance Below

Great opportunities are opening up for 13 year old John-Robert Rimel of the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. John-Robert is a Member of the All County District Choir, All State Virginia Middle School Choir, High School Concert Choir and Middle School Select Concert Choir. He is a Cast Member of the Shenandoah Jamboree Show starring Ben Cooter Jones of the "Dukes of Hazzard Show". John-Robert has recently made a visit to LA to perform on the very popular Ellen DeGeneres Show.

John Robert on Ellen

Watch John-Robert Perform "Broken Road"

Also, made a trip to Nashville to meet with Producers who are interested in working with this youngster. Dreams really do come true when you are born with a God Given Talent. Stay tuned, More to come! In the mean time Check out his

Griffin Tucker Gotta Get The Girl

CLICK TO BUY "Gotta Get the Girl"

Some young artists capture your attention immediately upon hearing for the first time and others grow on you as they develop. Griffin Tucker does both! From the first video I saw of Griffin I knew that he was going to be a musical force to keep my eye on! His creativity and talent excels with his brand new original single "Gotta Get The Girl"! Please support Griffin by listening to his new masterpiece below, then click the photo above to purchase it for your own collection!

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