Arden Reimer “Olympic Singing Extraordinaire!”

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Im told that the Olympic was the lead ship of the Olympic class ocean liners built for the White Star Line, which served a long and illustrious career.  I’m bringing you today a young man that is on his way to fulfilling every dream he has for showcasing his wonderful talent for singing and entertaining!

While all the eyes of the world are on the 2010 Winter Olympics being hosted by Vancouver, British Columbia, mine have been focused lately on a young talent that should not be overlooked. You see, the Olympians are not the only talent in that part of Canada.  Allow me to share with you Vancouver born, 12 year old Arden Reimer!

The first song I heard Arden sing a little over a year ago, made his whole country proud. A young man belting out their National Anthem like a professional who had been doing it all his life. I was quick to learn as much as I could about this rising young talent, whom I immediately recognized as much more than just a boy with a big voice, but a real inherent talent that was just waiting for the right moment to be discovered.

Arden not only is a prolific singer but also plays the guitar and ukulele. He loves to sing, but like most youngsters taking vocal lessons, hates the vocal warm-ups and breathing exercises.  (MEE MAY MA MOE MOO!)  “I know Arden, I hated those too!”

Arden loves all styles of music, from the hits of the 80’s to the most recent top 40 of today.  Musical artists Adam Lambert, Stevie Wonder, Hall and Oates, Elton John, and Dianna Ross being his biggest influences.
Arden is famous for saying “I love this song” to every song that he hears on the radio, which shows just how much he really loves and lives his music.
His mother Cindy tells me;
“Arden is not very complicated, what you see is what you get.  Most of the time he is mellow, but can get a bit crazy at times, just ask his two younger brothers”.

Ardenrockwall-300x269Arden’s first signs of wanting to sing were when he was 3 years old.  His parents recorded the Television Special “Diva’s 2000” showcasing singing artists Dianna Ross, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey and Donna Summers.  He was like a magnet to that video.   He played it so many times that he memorized the words to “Stop in the name of love” by Dianna Ross.  He also performed the song non-stop for family and friends.  His parents thought this was just a phase he was going through, but it never ended.  By Grade 2 his musical teacher was saying that he should be in musical theatre or singing and other parents also exclaimed that Arden should be a singer.
This boy was truly bringing sunshine wherever he went!

By Grade 5 he was chosen to be the Artful Dodger in Oliver.  It was after this that his parents decided it was not a phase, and enrolled him in private vocal lessons.  Since then, it has been non-stop events and performances throughout the last two years.
One of Arden’s greatest achievement over the past two years was performing on a new Canadian television show called “Karaoke Star Jr.”  Even though hundreds of other children auditioned, Arden was one of the chosen few to capture one of the coveted performance slots on the show!  Arden was excited to meet Danny Fernandez, Josh Ramsay, Marianas Trench, and  Country Singer Tara Oram.  A few months later Arden placed 3rd at the Red Robinson Talent Show.

american-idol-logo wkidsArden’s most exciting moment to date was meeting the Top 10 American Idols of 2009 which included Adam Lambert.  He was privileged to talk with the Idols for a whole hour and each of them told Arden; “Never Stop Believing In Your Dreams”.
The last song of the night was “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and that was what inspired him to sing this song.

Many have proclaimed Arden an ‘Old Soul’, because he seems to be much older than twelve when it comes to his music.  When he sings a song that he really likes he is able to deliver and express the true meaning of the song as if it were written by him.  Arden has a unique talent of drawing in his listening audience and captivating them with every performance.

When Arden is not singing his favorite sport is Volleyball.  He joined the Volleyball team at school and at the local Recreation Center.
Arden’s future goal is to record and publish his original songs and to perform them on stage along side his favorite musical artists.  For now, Arden’s greatest joy is to make others happy and share the beautiful God given gift of his voice with the world!

I know that we will be hearing much more from this young man who as far as I’m concerned is destined for an Olympic sized singing career. So keep your eyes focused on Arden Reimer an Olympic singing extraordinaire!

You can find out more about Arden Reimer by visiting his website

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