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Max Bowker New UK Artist On The Rise

May 19, 2012 Featured, Max Bowker, Young Male Artists M-Z No Comments


One of my greatest pleasures and honors is to introduce brand new talent to the world.  This blog is very proud to have featured a number of youngsters who are now signed and making great music.  Others have recently been signed by professional managers and are on their way to a great career.

Max woods


The UK is really taking the music industry by storm lately with young talent like “One Direction” and their new hit single “You Don’t Know Your Beautiful”.  Ronan Parke, Rhys Yeomans, and recently Josh Taylor are just three more great examples of amazing young talent that is rising to fame from that part of the world.

Today I’m happy to introduce for the very first time another young vocalist who is making waves of his own in the music industry.  While he is just starting his career you can be sure that big things are in store for him in the near future.


Soon to be 14 year old Max Bowker is an amazing young vocalist who was recently introduced to me by 360 Development located in West Yorkshire, England.  I was overjoyed to hear that 360 Development was working with Max because they have already proven to be an amazing team of professionals who help young artists get their early starts in the music industry.

 Max Forget you coverMax Bowker sings “Forget You”

I was told that Max, like many talented youngsters, enjoyed music from a very young age. He also took to the performance stage like a magnet which was quickly noted by his family and friends that Max possessed that special X-Factor that could not be held contained.

MaxtreeIt came as no surprise to me to find that Max comes from an exceptionally talented family.  His mother, father, older sister and brother also sing, and Max has been involved in school productions from the age of three when he started nursery school. The latest school production he was cast in was ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in which he played the role of “Lumiere”.

At the tender age of five, Max joined a local amateur dramatics group and has performed in their annual pantomimes and musicals ever since. His favorite role was Garoche in Les Miserables.

He attended Stagecoach School of Performing Arts for six years and was fortunate to perform in several of their productions at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.  In October 2011, Max successfully auditioned to become a student at Scala Stage School in Horsforth Leeds.


maxdrivebyMax Bowker sings “Drive By” by Train

His first big break came in 2007 when he was cast for a role as one of the kids in ‘The Kids Are All Right’, starring John Barrowman, who was an extremely pleasant and funny man. Filming of the series took part over 5 days at the BBC building in Glasgow. It was a fantastic experience.

Max signed with the Artist Development Company 360 Development this past January and things have been popping ever since! Max and his production team are currently working on Max’s Debut album which will be released hopefully later this year.  We will soon be able to hear his upcoming single “You don’t know my name”, produced by renowned engineer Kevin Paul (Adele, Goldfrapp, David Bowie) which is scheduled for release on Monday, the 2nd of July, 2012.  You can be sure that will debut here just as soon as it’s released.

 Max Bowker Profile Pic

Max and his brother Lukas created a music video “I won’t Give Up”  which was fortunate enough to be featured on the Perez Hilton website and on the NME website.

Max worked with the renowned choreographer Tayo Okuyedi (who has worked with Cheryl Cole & Plan B) to put a dance routine together for his music video for his first single ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ and also for his live shows and Max has had his single played on the radio in the UK and is receiving a lot of positive attention.

 Max Bowker You Don't Know My Name VideoMax Bowker’s New Single

Although he knows he will be compared to the likes of Connor Maynard and Justin Bieber, he believes that his music is different to theirs and that he is unique in the market and his biggest inspiration is Justin Timberlake.

Max loves animals and has a dog named Boo, six cats, three guinea pigs and a rabbit!

Max’s original material is currently being developed but he has completed a number of covers which you can see on this article.  Original music videos are being produced so check back here for more info once they are released and don’t forget to purchase Max’s single on iTunes on July 2nd!


To learn more about Max Bowker visit:

“Congratulations Max on a great start!  We are looking forward to your debut CD and you can be sure we will be following your career as it unfolds! 

Best of success to you from Rivenmaster’s Place!”

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This site is proud to have been a Dalton Cyr supporter since he first began his career and will continue to do all we can.

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Dalton Invisible


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The show is the end of April so if at all possible make your reservation now to see, hear, meet this amazing young artist!


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AlexB LY

Alex was introduced on this site nearly four years ago. Since that time he has not only matured in his vocals but is becoming a true teen pop sensation.

His music videos and covers are all very impressive and appeal to a wide range of fans. We are truly proud to present Alex B with this weeks VIDEO OF THE WEEK AWARD and also announce that we have a full update in the works.

As soon as we have a date locked down we will be sure to announce it here so you don't miss out on the latest news regarding Alex B.