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Christmas at Rivenmaster’s Place 2011

December 23, 2011 Featured, Special Posts 4 Comments

ChristmasChecklistBy now, you my readers know of my love for music. There is no end to the genre or style of music that graces my library and computer hard drives.  Over this past year Rivenmaster has been proud to support and feature some of the very best young male artists in the world.  This year we have been privileged to meet many of their parents and work with a number of new managers and producers.

Please know how honored we are to be in contact with so many of you and also of my gratitude to each and every reader and subscriber that visits this site!

Next week we will share a little data with you about the site and also provide you with a complete listing of every artist that has been a vital part of this site in a very special tribute post!

So this week as we celebrate Christmas all around the world we offer you a little Christmas  Past, Present & Future

Christmas Divider

Christmas Past

One lad that has been in Michael Jr. CDmy collection for years is Michael Verschuere or better known as (Michael Junior).

I purchased his VHS Tape years ago that featured one of his concerts where he sang two songs with his idol Helmut Lotti.  Because of the Season and the fact that good videos and beautiful music never gets old I offer this video to bring back memories of a time that I’m sure Michael Junior himself looks back on with fondness and great joy!

Needing no further introduction here is then 12 year old Michael Junior singing Silent Night and the beautiful Panis Angelicus as a duet with his idol and hero Helmut Lotti!


In addition I used two different publications to put together this new re-edited video of Michael Jr. with some fans outside the theater and his duet with Helmut a song simply entitled “Friends”.

Michael Jr and Helmut Lotti.

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billy gilman cd


Who could forget the amazing Billy Gilman who captured all our hearts with his memorable “One Voice”!

Billy has been a long time favorite of mine. In fact I often will request a young artist to cover one of his songs!

Here Billy at just 12 years old, blesses us with his rendition of “Oh Holy Night”



 christmas dividerChristmas Present

Justin Bieber CD



This year’s outstanding artists are Justin Bieber, Greyson Chance, Cody Simpson, Straalen, Jack Vidgen & Ronan Parke . Of course Justin Bieber’s new Christmas Album has been a huge hit with many new youngsters doing covers of his hit single “Mistletoe” which at the time of this Christmas post is nearing

 71 million views!

Justin Bieber Mistletoe.

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Greyson Chance Sang “Rockin Round The Christmas Tree” Live on The Ellen Show 






Cody Simpson performed “Blue Christmas” live for a large audience at City Walk!



Both Greyson and Cody are fast tracking to fame on the heels of JB.  However, all three bring a unique sound and are very different artists with each offering their own styles and interpretation of music.

You can be sure that these three will not be going away anytime soon!

Gold bar

straalencdIn the fall of last year, Straalen McCallum became the youngest artist to ever be signed by Sony!  This little guy with a big voice has amazed audiences’ since the time he was old enough to walk.  Singing since he was just two years old, now an accomplished artists is able to hold a crowd of listeners in the palm of his hand.  While I was disappointed that Straalen did not do anything for Christmas this year I’m still listening to his CD which was only released this past fall!  Of course both Jack Vidgen and Ronan Parke were extremely busy performing all over their respective countries at Tree Lighting Ceremonies.  Because I could not find a quality Christmas video for Jack or Ronan, I’m offering Straalen’s performance of “Noel” that he sang to a large audience backed up by a full choir from a concert held last year!

Enjoy once more this very high quality Christmas number from a very High Quality Young Artist!


Straalen McCallum sings “NOEL”


Gold bar


I can’t sayAbraham cd enough about this young man who comes all the way from San Fernando, Spain.  I have been a long time supporter of Abraham and listen to his music often.  While he was never featured this year we have been in recent contact with his agent and have been promised an exclusive piece to bring to all his fans right here on Rivenmaster’s Place!  Here Abraham offers his rendition of “Imagine” by John Lennon.  Abraham has one of the best vocals I have ever heard for an artist his age.  The feeling and emotion he gives with every performance is second to none.

                                      Feliz Navidad Abraham!


 Christmas Divider

 Christmas Future

While I wish I could bring to this Christmas Post every young artist that I have featured and introduced this year it’s just not possible.  It was with careful consideration that I selected just a few to present this Christmas.

So in no particular order, here is this year’s presentation of Future Signed Artists wishing you Merry Christmas in their own wonderfully unique and amazing way!

AJ Christmas Album 300x300Aj Silva is a Florida born singing wonder!  I have been working very closely with his team of supporters this past year and am extremely pleased to be called not just one of his promoter’s but his friend.  Ajsil released his Debut EP just this past month and he is amassing huge numbers of fans from all over the world!  Ajsil is defiantly one to be watching in 2012 as a breakout young artist and nothing is going to surprise me concerning this super talented young musician and vocalist!  Here Aj wishes us all a Merry Christmas singing his rendition of “Rockin Round The Christmas Tree”.

Please support Aj by purchasing his new EP at i-Tunes or CD Baby!

 ajsilva christmas

Aj Silva sings “Rockin Round The Christmas Tree”

 Gold bar


A young artist that I had the privilege to meet in person this year is Sam Santiago from Irvine, California.  Sam, who turned nine years old this past August, is a youngster who is going to be doing some amazing things in 2012.  This past year I was honored to appear with Sam on WZZM TV Channel 13 in Grand Rapids Michigan.  Sam astounded everyone in the studio with his singing prowess and has already received invitations from the producer to come back for another appearance as soon as he is able.  Sam made a very special Christmas Video which shows not just the fact that he can sing but that he can sing extraordinarily!  His vocal range on this video will astound you and have you begging for more!  Merry Christmas Sam!  You are a Bright Little Star!


Sam Santiago sings “The Lord’s Prayer”

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Alexandru-ChristmassOne more rising young artists sprang out of obscurity this fall from a tiny town in Norway.  Since his debut on this website, Alexandru has been making headlines in many local papers in and around his city. He has also been making guest appearances at a variety of venues and becoming very well known through his fast growing network both on Facebook and Twitter!  This is one young vocalist that has taken giant strides already toward a promising career and you can mark it down that this is only the beginning of very exciting things to come for him in 2012.

Alexandru Christmas Video

Alexandru sings cover of Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”

Gold bar

Our last video with a very special Christmas song is none other than Dylan Cragle from Washington State.  Dylan has had an amazing year and has brought us some wonderful original songs which will not soon fade away!  We are so proud of the great strides Dylan has made this year on his road to stardom. You can be sure that Dylan is one young man who will continue to bring even more excitement in the year to come!


Dylan Cragle Christmas List

 Christmas Divider

2012 Icon


Next year we will be introducing 12 year old Jared Cardona who resides in South Africa!

I met Jared, his Mother and vocal coach on Skype this past month and we had a wonderful time visiting for well over an hour.  I enjoyed listening to Jared and watching him do some of his vocal lesson with his vocal coach.

So until we can formally introduce him I wanted to share his most recent Christmas video made especially with Rivenmaster’s Place in Mind!     While he has just started out in his singing career, I think you will find his vocal to be very clean and pure.  His pitch quality is nearly perfect and his tone exceptionally pleasant for one so young.

So one last time here’s JB’s “Mistletoe” performed by: Jared Cardona!

Merry Christmas Jared!

 Jared Cardona

Jared Cordona sings cover of Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe


Because I want to take the opportunity to spend the next two weeks celebrating with family and friends there will be no special artist introductions or special feature articles.

However after the first of the year we will begin another wonderful series of interesting updates from your favorite young artists, along with introductions of Debut Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Actors, Stage Performers, Musicians, Sibling Groups, and Bands.



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Currently there are "4 comments" on this Article:

  1. skykid says:

    Merry Christmas Rod ! Amazing selection of Christmas Songs. I have been listening to a lot of seasonal music lately ( its only normal ) – and wow there are such cool vibes. Joey Person`s Christmas album for example.  Thank you for all the hard work on the site and for the support you have been to me and to the young talents from across the globe.

  2. Rivenmaster says:

    Thanks Skykid!  Your a wonderful friend and coworker together for these great artists and actors!  I wish you the very best this Christmas and a Joyous New Year!   Keep the Radio going it’s a wonderful service to all these youngsters and is so much appreciated!  Thanks for your support and encouragement over the past three Christmas Seasons.  Time flies by quickly but friendships are forever!   God Bless You!

  3. Dylan Cragle says:

    Great story Mr J. You are really good at your job, and work so hard to help all of us. I hope you know how much I appreciate your support of my music. Thank you for including my Christmas song. I hope you enjoy spending time with your family and friends this Christmas. Merry Christmas and God Bless You!
    Always have fun!

  4. Rivenmaster says:

    Dylan your always so kind to respond whenever you have something on the site!  Please know that I think the world of you not just as an artist but as a person!  You truly are a pleasure to know! 

    Congratulations on a very successful year and I’m excited to see what is in store for you in 2012!  

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Rivenmaster / Rod

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music award




AJ Silva continues to amaze with every passing year. His musical prowess is really demonstrated on his guitar in his latest new cover of John Legend's
"All of Me"

If you are not yet following Aj Silva you can find him and all of his Social Media sites by visiting his Website

I Surrender All Sam Santiago
Sam Santiago
brings us into the Easter Season with this old classic inspirational number "I Surrender All". He will soon be working in the studio creating an inspirational DVD/CD which he hopes to release by the end of the year. Be watching this site for more information about Sam and a full feature update by mid summer! Visit him on his Website for and purchase his debut CD on iTunes.

Coming Soon

April 25th


Rivenmaster is pleased to announce that on April 25th we will have a full update for rising artist Sebastian Janoski which will including info about the upcoming release of his single and video for “When You Were My Girl” with BMAB/Sony records. His song will be up for pre-sale on iTunes Tues April 1st and worldwide release on May 6th.

Also get info on his role in the JFA Productions/NBC Universal Motion Picture “Rock Story” starring Eric Roberts! Premier of the Film is set for May 31st at the “Hoboken International Film Festival”

You can visit both of his previous articles here!

John Robert on Ellen

John Robert Rimel
appeared on Ellen
Monday, March 31st
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Great opportunities are opening up for 13 year old John-Robert Rimel of the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. John-Robert is a Member of the All County District Choir, All State Virginia Middle School Choir, High School Concert Choir and Middle School Select Concert Choir. He is a Cast Member of the Shenandoah Jamboree Show starring Ben Cooter Jones of the "Dukes of Hazzard Show". John-Robert has recently made a visit to LA to perform on the very popular Ellen DeGeneres Show.

John Robert on Ellen

Watch John-Robert Perform "Broken Road"

Also, made a trip to Nashville to meet with Producers who are interested in working with this youngster. Dreams really do come true when you are born with a God Given Talent. Stay tuned, More to come! In the mean time Check out his

Griffin Tucker Interview with Bruce Owens

Griffin Tucker Interview

See a video montage of Griffin Tucker as he is interviewed by my good friend in Radio Bruce Owens from Good Morning Hudson Valley!

New Amazing Colab

The BoysCameron Molloy, Donovan Dustin, Alexandru, Beamer Wigley, Alex B and a young guitarist from Germany Mr. Q combined their vocal talent in this amazing colab using the magic of green screen and genuine creativity! All of these young artists have exceptional talent and each are rising young stars in the making! Be sure to leave a comment on this video and subscribe to each of their YouTube Channels.


Gaitway Brothers

With You Gaitway Brothers New CD

Gaitway Brothers just released a brand new Single called "With You"! This arrangement s a unique fusion of Gaelic, folk and classical choral music.

I was privileged to get a special advance showing of their new music video for this song and was thoroughly impressed beyond words!

You will want to add this song to your collection now and stay tuned for the debut of their NEW MUSIC VIDEO which will be out very soon!

Buy it on BandCamp!


The Secret

Joining hands across the Seas Russia's Jeans Boys and Scotland's Gaitway Brothers team up on their colab single called "The Secret" If the secret be known the boys want us to know that no matter what your going through you don't have to worry just start singing and everything will be better! I think we can all learn something from these boys!

"Then the words say ‘you don’t have to worry
And the tune fills my heart with new courage
So I stand tall and proud\
And I sing out clear and loud:"


Colton Jacobson New Day

16 year old Colton Jacobson performs his brand new single "New Day" to the delight of all his fans! You can also see him PERFORMING LIVE or download the free piano version of this song from HIS WEBSITE! Colton continues to grow as an artist and his vocals truly are capturing the attention of many. Be sure to support Colton by visiting his website, subscribing to his Facebook and purchasing his music

On iTunes!

Blackberry Jam Music

Blackberry Jam Music Story of my Life Video

Blackberry Jam graces us with yet another cover but this times shares a unique look into their past growing up as twins with a Mom who has been supportive and fun to be with! These guys have an amazing story and if you have not read about them here on this site then go do it now! Support the guys by visiting them on Their Website, subscribing to their YouTube Site, Facebook Fan Page and buy their music!


Dalton Cyr Cover Too Soon To Say Goodbye

Purchase It From iTunes Now

Dalton does it again with his amazing songwriting skills in his brand new release "Too Soon To Say Goodbye" I just purchased it for my collection and wanted to share the good news! OWN YOUR COPY TODAY!

Also you can click here for a BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO CLIP!

Brendan Who I Am Video

Brendan Guy releases his new single "Who I Am" showing that he is a new musical force to be reckoned with! See his newly released video here and then go Purchase his

New Single on iTunes!

You can also read about him right here on this website!

Aj Silva Musical Prodigy!

Aj Silva Christmas 2012

On December 12th, 2010, I introduced Aj Silva here on Rivenmaster's Place! Ajsil continues to pump out extraordinary videos that more than demonstrates his amazing singing abilities. I have no doubt that Anthony will not only continue to improve as a young artist but will be noticed very soon by a producer who will take him under their wings. Aj Silva has a personality that extends far beyond what you see on his videos. His natural ability to shine on the camera and show expression as he sings also makes him a candidate for the film industry.

If you would like to know more about Aj Silva you can visit his websites:

Aj Silva CDBe sure to visit his Domain site and subscribe for special give always and other special content. You can also purchase his new Single Cover of Justin Biebers "As Long As You Love Me" on iTunes. Use the jacket cover located to the left to go there now!

Thanks for supporting Aj Silva

Carson Lueders Latest Video with Jordyn Jones

Carson and Jordyn

Carson and Jordyn

Carson Lueders has been a constant on this site and has had continual blurbs and videos promoted as well as a number of feature articles. His photo was featured on the banner for over two years and has more than deserved every accolade he has received from this site. I'm happy to report that Carson has continued to claim fame expanding his fan base to extraordinary numbers. In fact Carson has been so busy I have not been able to tie his new management down for an update. Until I do, I'm sharing his latest video with you which is amazingly done and features young talented Jordyn Jones.

Be sure you check out Jordyn's Facebook link above and of course Carson's social sites below. Please support both youngsters as they continue to accomplish great things in the entertainment industry.

We here at Rivenmaster's Place are very proud of what Carson has accomplishes since his first appearance here at just 9 years old. This is one young man who will be sticking around for a long time to come and his success can only continue to grow.

God Bless you pal! I hope you find time to bring us a long update this year!


For more about Carson visit:

Alex B & Brother Ricky cover One Republic’s “Counting Stars”

Alex B

Alex B teams up with Big Brother Ricky on this amazing duet cover of One Republic's "Counting Stars". You can find Alex right here on Rivenmaster on the main menu under the pull-down VOCAL ARTISTS. Alex has grown much as an artist since his introduction here back in 2012. This video is more than proof of that. Be watching this site as we hope to get an update for Alex sometime this year! Be sure to watch the video then follow the links to his social media sites and support him with your subscriptions and purchases of his music.