“KRUSH” – Florida’s Rockin Pre-teen Boy Band

Krush Pirate Fest-62 LiveMeet KRUSH!

It all began in December of 2013 when the parents of young guitar prodigy Nicholas Rothschild became frustrated with trying to find better musicians to play with their exceptionally talented son Nicky. Handpicking each member of the band now called KRUSH, Brad Rothschild and his wife Laurie brought together this group of young preteen boys developing them into what can only be described as a young Rock Band destined for greatness!

Rehearsing weekly at DC Rehearsal Studios these child musical prodigies continue to grow as professional musicians and performers. Each performance only gets better and the KRUSH fan base is quickly expanding from pre-teen admirers to industry professionals. They are capturing the attention of both local and major media and quickly making a name for themselves as the next generation of rock.

KRUSH with Tony Bongiovi and Ron Alexenburg
KRUSH with Tony Bongiovi and Rob Roy

Currently the boys are working on a weekly Saturday morning show that is slated for network television with producer Tony Bongiovi creator of legendary PowerStation Studios and former VP of Epic Records, Ron Alexenburg known for his work with Michael Jackson.  The band will be the characters, voice overs and the touring band on this project once it airs.  Krush just won 2015 ALS JAM FOR THE CURE: Battle of the Bands and their lead singer is the winner of 2014 Boca’s Got Talent. In addition they were just named the Judges Choice Winners in The Deerfield Beach Founding Father’s Day Parade. Since their first gig in June 2014 they have opened for some bigger names including Melissa Etheridge, Montgomery Gentry, Smash Mouth, and Heffron Drive and are playing the festival circuit as well. Ranging in ages 10-12 the boys have gained an unbelievable amount of attention in a very short time (8 months). 

The Boys in the Band:

“Music is my Passion. If you have a dream, follow it and your dream will come true just like mine.”  Ben Meller

Ben Meller
Ben Meller

Ben Meller  is the 10 year old lead singer for the band Krush and is from Boynton Beach, Florida. Ben has a smooth yet powerful voice that is rich and distinctive. Ben has a sweet soul and an incredible feel for music, as young as 3 years old Ben would hear a song and begin to emote the feelings that song would bring. Ben has music in his blood. 

Ben is an honor roll student at Unity School. He is in the elementary chorus, plays the alto sax in school band and is also JoJo in the Unity Production of Suessical Jr.

Ben started vocal coaching in April 2014 with Mike Soper Music in Wellington and has recently become a featured MSM Artist. He entered his first ever talent contest in June of 2014 and took first place in Boca’s Got Talent 2014. He was also one of ten vocalists chosen as the 2014 AT&T Young Stars of South Florida.  

A few of his favorite bands are Guns N Roses, Queen, Zeppelin, ACDC, American Authors and My Chemical Romance.

Ben’s dream is to continue with the band, tour the world, and to one day star in a Broadway musical. A boy this talented is sure to keep making waves. 


“I like playing because I get to inspire people in the crowd.” Nicky Rothschild

Nicholas Rothschild
Nicholas Rothschild


Nicholas Rothschild is the 10 year old lead guitarist for the band Krush and is from Boca Raton, FL. Nicky has been called a prodigy when it comes to playing the guitar and to watch him leaves you spellbound. 

From the tender age of 6, this rocker has been honing his skills for the world stage. Emulating his favorite rockers, Eddie Van Halen, Jason Becker and Yngwie Malmsteen, Nicky does not just admire them, he strives, hours per day, to become them.

When you speak with Nicky for the first time, you are drawn in by his angelic face and sweet brown eyes, never knowing the secret he keeps.  When you see Nick play his guitar for the first time, you will be left in shock at his gutsy maneuvering and uncanny talent that many adults cannot boast.

Nicky began performing at the age of 7 with the School of Rock under Yazmani Velasquez, who has helped him become the performer he is today. This is where Nicky met the rest of his Krush bandmates and was just named to the School of Rock house band, the youngest performer ever to earn that honor.

He dreams of attending the Berklee School of Music, and making it big with his friends. When you ask Nicky, “Why do you love playing guitar so much?” he kindly responds,

“I love to make people happy,”   




“All I ever want to do in my life is to have fun with my friends, play music with my friends and most importantly, have fun!”  Sam North

Samuel North
Samuel North


Samuel North is the 12 year old bass player and back ground vocalist for the band Krush and is from West Palm Beach, Florida. Swaying to a rhythm all his own, Sam has the uncanny ability to lay down the beat and help keep his team on time. 

When Sam was 3 years old he begged for a violin for Christmas but he ended up strumming it more than bowing it. At the age of 7 he began singing and playing the ukulele as his instrument of choice. He walked in to Havana Hideout to play an open mic, alone, at 9 years old.  He parents knew he needed more.

Sam began at the School of Rock in 2012 where he met his band mate Nicky. They became fast friends and have been playing together ever since. In 2014 Sam began vocal coaching with Mike Soper Music in Wellington, Florida, and is also under the tutelage of Mike Waknine, bassist of “County Line Road.”

Although rock is the genre of choice for Krush, Sam loves all types of music. From Bon Jovi to Jason Mraz, Metallica to Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and Skrillex, he will sing it, guitar it, bass it, and ukulele it to his heart’s content.  He has even begun composing music for video games.

Sam dreams of becoming famous with this band, making music, having fun, and buying his mom and dad a home in Hawaii.




“My Dad took me to a Motley Crüe concert and I saw Tommy Lee playing and it inspired me.” Tristan Yeager

Tristan Yeager
Tristan Yeager


Tristan Yeager is the 11 year old drummer for the band Krush and is from Greenacres, Florida. This hard hitting talent will leave you mesmerized and delighted as you watch him lead his band to rock history. 

There is no doubt that Tommy Lee is Tristan’s idol, and he works hard to emulate Tommy’s style with his drum coach and mentor Alex Mandel from the School of Rock. But drumming isn’t the only thing up his sleeve.

Tristan also enjoys singing, plays bass, and writes music all the while keeping his grades up in school and being in his school band. Smart as a whip, this multi-talented kid with the big personality will leave you cheering for more.

Tristan hopes to follow in his big sister, Gianna Mascaro’s footsteps, and attend Dreyfoos School of the Arts. As well as, eventually, attend the Berklee School of Music like his band coach and “big brother”, Dylan Fernandez. 

Most recently, Tristan was named to the School of Rock house band with his Krush bandmate, Nicky. 

His favorite bands are Motley Crüe, Primus, Emerson lake and Palmer and Yes.






These amazing kids play classic rock at a high level and are serious musicians who study music daily. The band is referenced as having the “Holy Crap Factor”. People hear their songs come around the corner and then see kids killing Van Halen, Zeppelin, AC/DC among other greats note for note. To see more photos and videos of their past performances be sure you check out all their social media links at the end of this article.

CBS 12 KRUSHWatch KRUSH on TV 12 News

After their first show in June of 2014, the four young musicians were featured on a CBS special called “Extraordinary People”. 

These boys are more than just musical prodigies with amazing musical and performance talent. They are also very involved with charity work having done a number of fund raising events over the last several months. The boys feel it is important to give back to their community whenever possible.   This started over the summer when KRUSH played their first benefit show for the Boca YMCA.  KRUSH held a benefit concert in conjunction with Feeding South Florida on November 1st to raise money, canned goods and awareness.


KRUSH 2015
KRUSH Left to Right
Samuel North, Ben Meller, Nicholas Rothschild, & Tristan Yeager


On December 13th the boys played another charity concert for shooting victim Lyndsey Cooper, raising money for her facial reconstruction surgery.  Also in December KRUSH and County Line Road started their first annual Chords of Hope Charity Toy Drive and concert.  Collecting toys, gift cards and money that were donated to children undergoing treatment at St. Mary’s Hospital and the Quantum House.  The boys spent Christmas Eve day delivering gifts to the children at The Quantum House, talking with them, decorating cookies and making holiday crafts.


Communication Break Down KRUSHWatch KRUSH perform “Led Zeppelin’s”
“Communication Breakdown”

In addition, the boys decided to enter the Jam for the Cure, Battle of the Bands for ALS.  Since famed guitarist Jason Becker is fighting this terrible illness and he is one of Nicky’s idols…the boys wanted to enter to help bring more awareness to the disease.  In the end, KRUSH took home the big win of $1000.00 along with their very own show at Jazziz in Boca.

Breaking the law of averages for young bands making it big in the industry, KRUSH continues to gain momentum KRUSHING IT at every live performance adding to their growing number of fans and supporters. This is one group that is destined to become a household name so get on their fan-base bus now and get ready for the ride of your life.


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