Merry Christmas from Rivenmaster!

Christmas all over the world, is a time for celebrating the joy of giving and caring for one another.
Please allow me to express my gratitude to all my subscribers, followers, talented boys and girls, and especially to the parents of the children who grace these pages.
HollyEach of you are outstanding in the support you give your children as they pursue their dreams.
Hopes and Dreams are something that each of us share, but can only be obtained when we help each other.
Christmas HatThere is no greater joy than watching a child grow, develop character, gain knowledge, and fulfill their wildest ambitions.  As a parent myself, I understand the necessity of just being there for them. It’s you, the parents, that help form what the world will be tomorrow as you help mold and encourage this child that God has blessed you with.
 May God bless each and everyone of you this Christmas and I pray that we will have many more to spend here at Rivenmaster’s Place!
Merry Christmas!


Enjoy Sam and Hannah singing at their midnight service Christmas Eve 2009!

Thomas crop
Thomas Hans'

Listen to Thomas as he sings his brand new recording of Melanie Thornton’s “Wonderful Dream”!

Last but not least my very special Christmas card made with my very special Treble friends to all of you!