Tommy Batchelor Still On Top Of His Game!

Tommy Batchelor
Tommy Batchelor

It was almost a year ago that I gave you a blow by blow personal account of my attendance of Tommy Bachelor’s last performance of “Billy” in Billy Elliot The Musical which was performed on the Oriental Stage in Chicago, Illinois.

Not only was the show phenomenal, but Tommy was at his very best giving it his all, very much realizing that this was his last performance on that stage.

It was not only a pleasure to watch his performance but even a greater pleasure to personally meet him backstage at the meet and greet, presenting him with a very special tribute gift that was presented by this site and The  (See picture)

I have been doing my best to catch up with Tommy because I was very interested in knowing just how a young performer like himself who was seemingly at a pinnacle in his young career could possibly follow up this kind of highpoint and showcase performance.  What could possibly match the momentum of this kind of celebrity status?

I soon found out that talented youngsters like Tommy don’t stop dancing their way through life. Instead, it’s one adventure just leading to another.  Below is his personal letter exactly as he related it to me.



“This is Tommy Batchelor.

My last show with Billy Elliot Chicago was October 10, 2010; a day of weeping and long goodbyes.

Tommy Rehearsing For Nutcracker TommyBottleRocketSECMEChrisGarret…………………….CLICK PICTURES FOR LARGER SLIDESHOW VIEW!

I immediately came home to rehearsals for Miami City Ballet’s The Nutcracker, performing as Prince/ The Nutcracker in December. 

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Journey to Stardom begins for Arden Reimer!

Arden Reimer

It was almost a year ago that I  first made the statement that Arden Reimer from Vancouver Canada would be an international singing star when I labeled him an “Olympic Singer Extraordinaire”!

While I’m not always right, I’m delighted to say that this time there was no mistake with my prediction.

From a young man struggling to be discovered making videos in his basement, Arden is well on his way to becoming a real super star performer with celebrity status.

Over the past few months Arden was contacted and then chosen to work with a very well known star making singer/actor management agency based in Los Angeles, California.  Because this announcement has not yet been made public by the agency I have omitted their name but what I can tell you is that this means wonderful, exciting things are in store for our friend Arden and his family.


Aden will now have the opportunity to expand on his career in acting and singing at the level which he has more than earned.  His hard work, perseverance, dedication and passion to produce the very best vocals have paid off in a wonderful way!  We are so happy for Arden and I want to personally congratulate him in this special tribute article. Continue reading “Journey to Stardom begins for Arden Reimer!”